I’m Married But I’m Still In Love With My Ex

Question: I was with my ex for 4 yrs and then i left him he was just going out and having fun and i guess he was not ready to be with me anymore well its been 3 years without being with him and ever since me and him left each other he always comes back to me somehow i got tired of that he was just playing games with me .so i got with someone else and i been with him for the past 2 yrs and we have a beautiful little girl that i love so much. Some how ex came back to my life and idk what to do i still love him and i think i will always will love him but the point is that i have a family know and he also has a family but i try to forget about him but somehow he always in my life idk what to do?

Yangki’s Answer: You can start with deciding what is most important to you – a man who wants to be with you and a beautiful little girl or an ex who plays games with you?

You are not a victim of your ex here, you ARE the problem. You allow him to play games with you by letting him back into your life. You may always have those feelings of love for your ex but just because you still love him does not mean you have to have a relationship (and from what you say, a toxic relationship one) with him.

Having a ex in your life is not a bad thing but if it interferes with your ability to enjoy the stable and happy life you now have with your family, then tell him you can’t have him in your life. Say it like you mean it and follow through. Like I said, this is not about your ex always coming back into your life, this is about you always letting your ex back into you life!

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