I realize that the thing that is holding me back …

Comment on 3 Steps – How To Stop Over Analyzing Your Relationship by Sonia.

I realize that the thing that is holding me back is my fear of the unknown- will he respond a certain way, will he find someone else, will he go hot and cold, will I be able to get him back…. I find that I get so consumed by it all that I can’t focus on the here and now. I’m either trapped in the past, or in the future. Learning how to be present is something that I realize is the key to being successful in any avenue, but particularly in terms of trying to get an ex back. Thank you for reinforcing that here- it has been very clarifying

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What If My Ex Says It’s Not Me, It’s Him?
I appreciated this post because I have become fixated on my ex’s issues, and it has led me to feel helpless. I examine all of these things about his past, his previous relationships, his impulsiveness, and I get fixated on these problems. I see our relationship as just another casualty of his inability and fear to commit. Of course, when you see things that way, it looks bleak. I realize that I have to re-frame this in my mind. It will take effort, but it’s the only way to actually accomplish anything.

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