Why Exes Give Up Pursuing You And Move On

Healthy relationships that last develop and thrive on “want him/her as much as he/she wants me”. Except for a few men and women who chase after people who show no interest in them whatsoever, most of us are drawn to the strength of the other person’s desire for us and are attracted to people who show interest in us.

So even though acting like you’re not interested can sometimes lessen the risk of getting hurt, it is bittersweet. What all those mind games do is make you too elusive that the other person assumes you’re not interested, or conclude that you are ‘too much work’. Even more bittersweet if you tried that “make him/her jealous” twisted game.

Why would you even want someone who only wants you because someone else wants you? Wouldn’t it feel really great to know someone loves you and wants you because you’re so special to him/her, and not because his/her “competitive juices” have been squeezed?

Most mature men and women are turned off by mind games — and rightfully so! They’ll will chase you around for a while but there comes a day when they get tired of running after you, give up and move on to someone more receptive to their interest.

And you… you’ll be wishing you had let them catch you, or at least stopped running when no one was chasing you.

If it’s too difficult, too complicated, too demanding, too stressful, too painful, it does not make someone want to chase you, instead it has the opposite effect.

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