How to Get Your Ex To Trust You Again – Pt. 3

3. Consistency

I always advice my clients not to be too concerned about whether an ex responds to a text, email or call immediately or responds a week later, but to look at the consistency of their positions as this is a better indicator of whether you are making progress – or being played.

Whether or not someone is consistent about where they are at tells you how much they value a relationship with you. Someone who values a relationship with you will say/do things that communicate that you can depend on them to do what they say they will do. Someone who is only interested in his or her agenda and what will benefit him or her, will say/do anything and be anyone you want them to be.

No reasonable person in his or her right mind should trust someone who does not want to be accountable or held responsible for what they say or do. You trust such a person at your own peril. If you say “but you said/did this”, they can easily say, “but now I say/do” and there is nothing you can do about it. This is the very reason why they keep changing positions — to be so slippery that you can’t hold them down to anything.

Consistency builds trust. Consistency builds credibility. Sometimes consistency erases mistakes. Most emotionally mature adults are willing to be patient with you if you are consistent and reliable.

To get your ex to a point where they feel safe to emotionally open up to you again, he or she needs to know that he or she can hold you responsible for what you say or do. He or she needs to know that he or she can reasonably predict how you will react or respond to whatever situation that might come up, especially those situations when things don’t go your way.

Like all of us, you may not always say or do all the right things (you are human!), but being consistent says that your heart is the right place, and you can be trusted.

If you find yourself saying and doing things — lying, playing mind games, doing things that go against your values or making promises you can not follow through, you are undermining your own trustworthiness.

Initially, it can seem like you are making headway with your agenda and getting results by changing your views and even values to whatever is expected of you at the time, but over time, your ex will figure it out — if they are smart enough.

Nothing confuses most people more than contradictions, and nothing turns off a majority of us more than fickleness or lack of a core or backbone. To rebuild trust, you need to be both consistent in what you say and do. You also need to show up authentically day after day, week after week, month after month.

Remember, once trust has been lost, rebuilding it takes time. Don’t assume that you can re-establish trust by simply exchanging a few friendly texts, e-mails or phone chats. It may take several weeks and even months before your ex feels safe to let his or her guard down again — but it will definitely pay off.

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