Thank you for this great site. I am a 50yo …

Comment on How to Get Your Ex To Trust You Again – Pt. 1 by Sid.

Thank you for this great site. I am a 50yo man and your advice makes sense to me. As of right now she’s leaving everything to if or not she likes the new me. I am doing everything to show her I have changed my ways and putting myself out there knowing I might get hurt again, but that’s a chance I am willing to take for this wonderful woman. My question to you is, in your experience, has anyone got back their ex a year after a breakup? We did not cease contact and remained in each other’s lives because we care about each other very much. She always said she wants me to get my act together and I guess i was too stubborn and only started seeing a therapist 4 months ago. She says she sees I am changing but needs to see more.

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