You have a point, and I think it goes beyond …

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You have a point, and I think it goes beyond “trust issues”. I’m not on FB (I keep telling myself I will one day but just don’t seem to find the time), but from what I hear, Facebook can become an addiction… telling you… log on, take another look… you know you want to…

I’ve had people come to me for “help” dealing with being unfriended on Facebook!

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Thank you for posting your success story. You are right about a strong emotional bond.

All the very best!… 🙂

10 Silly Mind Games Your Ex Is Playing
I wasn’t going to answer your question because it’s under the wrong article. But then it started to bother me. Someone is asking for your prayers for his sick Dad and all you think about is yourself?

He is NOT playing a silly mind game. The fact that he reached out to you with an “apology” for how he treated you means that he’s worried about his Dad. The least you can do is pray. It won’t cost you anything. You don’t even have to tell him you prayed. Do it because it’s a kind thing to do. Kindness is not weakness. Kindness shows you still have a heart. Maybe broken, but still there.

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Not necessarily.

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It depends on why he does not feel in love anymore. This article will help: How To Get Back An Ex Who “Lost Feelings” And Not In Love Anymore

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This articles answers your question: Should You Date Other People When Trying to Get Back Your Ex?

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