Passive-aggressive neediness is probably more annoying to most people than …

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Passive-aggressive neediness is probably more annoying to most people than aggressive/direct neediness.

In aggressive neediness, at least the person knows what you’re “bothered” about. But in passive aggressive neediness, you’re talking between the lines and hoping that someone will intuitively know what’s wrong. That’s until you can’t take it any more and explode. Then you feel ashamed of your behaviour and go back to feeling controlled, your needs ignored, etc. You really don’t change anything.

It’s best to confront and deal with why you’re needy/clingy than trying to hide it.

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Surviving Long Distance Relationship Neediness
Your situation is very similar to the original question. The same suggestions above will help keep you from wanting to be clingy or needy.

Age may or may not play a role in what one considers your “neediness.” What’s important is that such behaviour is causing both of you not to enjoy the relationship. For both of your sakes, just stop whatever it is you’re doing that you think is constantly showing her your commitment. If she thinks it’s neediness, there is no use trying to convince her to see it differently. What that does is re-echo the age difference even more.

Surviving Long Distance Relationship Neediness
I’d have to say not a good thing. No person in his/her right mind should feel good about being in a relationship with someone only because that person feels some kind of guilt. That said, there are some needy/clingy people who use “guilt” to manipulate and control someone else. Someone always — always — ends up getting hurt really bad.

Love is best when it is freely given and freely received. Only then does it feel right (for both people involved), it’s also more fulfilling and more likely to last.

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