Some truth there. 1) If a woman comes on too …

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Some truth there.

1) If a woman comes on too aggressively because she’s desperate, he’ll sure run. 2) If a guy is not really interested in a woman and just wants to have fun/get laid he’ll get scared. In my opinion, good for the woman!

But if he is already interested and has feelings for her, he won’t suddenly stop having those feelings because she showed that she’s interested. It actually makes him more interested. For things to “develop naturally” there has to be some positive feedback… 🙂

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How Do I Get Him to Make A Move?
As-Salaam-Alaykum and now Bonjour! United Nations Love Summit??? LOL. I’m glad all can feel welcome here on my blog.

Very true, “rusty on the dating scene” is one other very likely explanation.

How Do I Get Him to Make A Move?
wa’ Alaykum As-Salaam, Gentle one 🙂

I agree we can all relate better and love more selflessly and deeply. I think that most of us know these truths in our souls, sometimes all we need is someone to confirm what we already know or to clarify what seems unclear because of all the external influence.

How Do I Get Him to Make A Move?
You make a point there. Confidence is just as much of a turn on for men as it is for women. Confidence is not the same as desperate, pushy, aggressive or controlling.

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I’m hoping with you… 🙂
Thank you for your kinds words.

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I know… 😉

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