How Do I Respond When My Ex Asks “How Are You”?

Question: My ex sent a text with just “How are you?”. How does one respond when an ex asks how you are doing?

Yangki’s Answer: A response to a question as simple question as “How are you?” can sometimes be the difference between the beginning of a new relationship and the end of all communication.

If you reply that you are doing great, some exes take it to mean you are saying your life is better without them, and back away.

If you say you are not doing well, some exes might take it to mean you are still “emotional” about the break-up and be scared to talk to you or try to exploit “emotional state” to their advantage.

Sometimes you just have to go with your instincts and either say, “I am doing great/good/happy” or “I am still hurting/angry/confused” and let things go whatever direction they may.

But if you want an emotionally smarter answer, I suggest replying with something like, “I’m doing as best as I can. I hope you’re okay too”.

First of all, “I’m doing as best as I can” is an honest answer. If it’s a fresh break-up, you are probably struggling and doing your best to live day by day.

Second, it’s a middle of the road answer. It does not say you’re “falling apart without him/her” nor does it say you’re “better off without him/her”.

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