That’s a very interesting and close to accurate summary of …

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That’s a very interesting and close to accurate summary of my philosophy. There is a lot more to the message though…(:

I’m a little hesitant to generalize and say one culture looks at relationships one way and another in another way. I think that how we, regardless of culture, look at relationships is very much influenced by our individual first experiences with other human beings (family, care-givers, friends etc) than by the wider culture. The influence of culture comes later, and some people in the same culture are much influenced by it than others.

That said, for better or worse, there are some views and approaches to relationships/marriage that are more acceptable in some cultures than in others. If you read through the comments on articles related to “No Contact”, for example. Cutting off all contact with an ex (for whatever reason) is more acceptable to more men and women in North America than men and women in India and Africa. Not burning bridges (even with an ex you do not want anymore) is more the Indian and African approach. I believe the larger cultural context (individual vs. collective) plays into what is more acceptable.

We seem to have a lot in common… I’d love to continue this chat by email, that is if you are open to it…(:

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