One of the difficulties of trying to attract back your ex relying heavily on text messaging is that emotion is lost in text messages. Of course, it’d be great if you saw each other more. You’d be able see your ex’s body language, facial expressions and feel their energy, but it takes time and effort to get to where face to face meetings are the main form of communication between you and your ex.

In the meantime you have to contend with text messaging or email correspondence. Understanding and interpreting a text message when there are so many emotions involved isn’t always easy especially if you have a tendency to overanalyze things, or if your ex’s responses are short, slow, or no replies at all.

One misinterpreted text, one over-analyzed email, one unnecessary text sent because your were anxious, one conversation that should have ended but instead made you come across as needy, one missed bid for emotional connection, one missed opportunity to make an emotional connection… can have a significant impact on how things progress (or if they progress at all).

I give personalized analysis of your text messages and emails based on a little bit of background on your relationship (insight to who you are, who your ex is, the attachment style and dynamic of your relationship, the stage you are in at the time of the conversation). Based on the analysis I can tell what your ex’s text messages or emails REALLY means and what your ex needs to feel or see in order to feel attracted to you again. I then help you to come up with an appropriate response, one that has a positive impact on how things progress.

Start of support: Email support begins after our first phone session and ends with our last phone session.

One at a time:  Send me correspondences between the two of you that you think need my input and advice. You can also send me progress updates for feedback, ask me follow-up questions and advice on how to move things forward.

Response time: I try as much as possible to respond to your emails within 24 – 48 hours during week days.

Weekends: I do not respond to emails on weekends and holidays. I read and respond to emails all week and like everyone, I too need a little “me – time” from time to time. So please no emails on weekends!

Email Length: Shorter emails (a paragraph or two) get a faster responses because I can respond to them between appointments. With longer emails, you will have to wait until after 10 p.m. or before 10 a.m the next morning or couple of days.

Frequency: To avoid advice overlap, please wait for a response before you send me another email (unless it’s really urgent).

Correspondence from past: If you have emails or texts that you couldn’t figure out what they meant at the time but looking back think they might have something to do with how your ex is responding or reacting towards you, I’ll look through them and see if there is a connection and advice you on how to move forward or ‘course correct’.

Fears and anxiety emotions: Coaching and email support is not meant to calm down your fears and anxiety emotions. My job as your coach (and I take it seriously and with 100% dedication) is to help you attract back your ex. If you suffer from anxiety and need to talk to someone about your fears, it’s best to work with a therapist so you and I can focus on the important business of attracting back your ex (this is what I am really good at). If you do not want to hire a therapist, I recommend my book, It’s Just A Break-Up.

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