I Don’t Close My Eyes I Don’t Even Blink

They’re still up to the same old tricks.

In the 21 st century, they don’t even bother telling you to close your eyes anymore. They just whack your head with the bible (a.k.a “casting out demons).

They don’t call themselves “missionaries” anymore either. They are “evangelicals”. Different name, same mission, same tactics.

And the stupid Africans that we are… we give them the land, our names, our dress code, our customs, our willpower, our spirit… and even the little (tithes) we scrap from dirt, literally…

What do we get in exchange? A “Christian” name, a promise of “heaven”, and a bible. You know what I mean… black Wilberforce, Afro Elizabeth…

Now, let us close our eyes and pray…

Go ahead. Close your eyes, fools! This African will not even blink!

Maybe I’ll go to ‘hell’. I am okay with that. At least the ‘devil’ is honest about who he (or she) is.

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