1. There is no such thing as “effective contact”, contact …

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1. There is no such thing as “effective contact”, contact is just contact. I spent quite sometime explaining the difference between contact and communication, and communication and effective communication (pages 164 – 170).

2. The whole section on “Contact” Pgs 80-162 is about regulating your contacts and the type of topics that can make him/her want to respond. The section on “Effective communication” Pgs 163-222 is about sustaining conversation to get him/her to want to initiate contact and want to be engaged in back and forth communication. Pgs 223-293 “Emotional Bonding” is about triggering the right emotions.

3. All those three sections help to move things forward. It’s not just one thing but a series of things. That’s why I spent time writing over 200 pages just on that alone. If you do this right, things begin to fall in place. It’s the foundation for asking him to try things again.

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Do Exes Remember Good Or Bad Memories?
Thanks… and so are you!

I am happy for you and wish you much love and happiness.

Have a great Christmas TOGETHER!!!!

Do Exes Remember Good Or Bad Memories?
I’m glad to be of some help.

In simple words… A response is action you take from a conscious level — with emotional composure, confidence and deliberate intention. A reaction is action driven from a sub-conscious level, usually from a place of panic, fear, anger, neediness etc.

Here is a link that might help: Are You Responding Or Reacting To Your Ex?

Do Exes Remember Good Or Bad Memories?
Open and honest is risky business, but the rewards are far greater.

You didn’t ask me a question, so I’m assuming you are really not looking for my advice, but I’ll give it anyway. Disregard it if you think you don’t need it…(:

Talking about the old relationship in the very initial stages can seem like a good idea short-term, but is not something that I’d advice. You run the risk of not only dragging back all the issues of the past into the present, it also makes “starting over” impossible. You may even get back together, but it’ the same old relationship because you just continued from where things ended. Soon or later, you’ll break-up again.

You may actually have a good shot, just try to do it right.

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I’m hoping with you… 🙂
Thank you for your kinds words.

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No problem if he is not ready at this point or any other to talk to me. I work with both couples and singles and sometimes all it takes is one person to move the relationship into the right direction.

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I’m not sure of what you mean by “is it too early for me to think?” Hopefully this post will address your concern about drifting apart…

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In the context of attracting back your ex, yes.

Go to “All Articles” in the menu and select “Attachment Anxiety & Avoidant Ex” category or type “attachment anxiety” in the search tool and read the articles that come up.

Should I Tell My Ex I Want Us To Have A Fresh Start?
Usually it takes one wake up relationship to, well wake you up. If she is that “special”, I also say you should at least try. You just never know until you try – try it the right way.

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