1. Will it work with an ex who says he/she loves you but is not in love with you?

Feelings come and go. As long as there is still love, the feelings of being in love can always come back.

Dating Your Ex shows you how to trigger those emotions and feelings again, and connect even more deeply than before.

2. What about an ex who responds once in a while?

If your ex is open to contact and responding once in a while, the door is not completely closed for you.

Dating Your Ex shows you how to go beyond shallow contact and get your ex engaged in a meaningful way.

3. I am scared my ex will not respond

There is always the possibility that your ex will not respond, especially if the break-up was really nasty, or you haven’t had contact for a while. But there is also the possibility that he/she will.

Dating Your Ex shows you how to increase the chances of getting a response that’s positive and encouraging.

4. Long distance relationship?

While you may not be able to physically be there with your ex, you will be able to establish proactive communication which offers a sense of bonding and creates a yearning that makes seeing each other again all the more appealing!

5. What if you cheated, can you still get back your ex?

I’ll not lie to you. It’ll be a lot harder to convince your ex to take you back, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Dating Your Ex shows you how to make an emotionally effective apology, and talk to your ex in a way that he/she can see how sorry you are, and give you another chance.

6. What about with an ex who avoids talking about the future?

Maybe it’s the way you bring it up, maybe it’s too soon to be talking about the future or maybe your ex doesn’t think you have changed and fears that the future will just be like the past.

Dating Your Ex helps you figure it all out, and approach the subject on getting back together in a way that increases your chances of getting the answer you want, “Yes! I want you back”.

7. “But you just don’t know my ex. Nothing will work.”

You’re right! I don’t know your ex the way you do. And may be your ex is really angry with you… but that’s exactly where you need to start.

Dating Your Ex will show you how to communicate to your ex that you have changed without looking like you are “selling” yourself to your ex.

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