20 Signs You Are Dating A Boy Vs. Dating A Man

dating-a-boy-vs-dating-a-manIf you had any doubts if you are dating a boy or dating a man, here you go! (This is going to make some people…very… uncomfortable).

1.  A boy is attracted to girls and wants to bang many girls. A man is attracted to one grown woman and wants to make incredible love to her.

2.  A boy doesn’t know what he wants. A man knows what he wants, and goes for it.

3.  A boy will make excuses for his bad behaviour. A man will own up to his mistakes.

4.  A boy worries about the size of his dicky. A man worries about his future.

5.  A boy fears uncomfortable conversations. A man brings up uncomfortable conversations.

6.  A boy does everything he can to avoid rejection. A man puts himself out there anyway.

7.  A boy is dishonest about his intentions and hides his feelings. A man lets a woman know how he feels and where he stands.

8.  A boy thinks a girl is hot. A man thinks a woman is beautiful.

9.  A boy feels the need to defend himself against every and any criticism. A man dusts nonconstructive criticism off his coat and only responds to constructive criticism.

10.  A boy thinks he knows everything. A man knows there is always something new to learn and room for improvement.

11.  A boy thinks getting drunk with his buddies every weekend is “life”. A man knows there has to be balance between fun-time and planning for his future (and the future of his family).

12.  A boy worries about her leaving him. A man thinks about how to make her happy.

13.  A boy thinks all women are the same. A man knows his woman is unique and different from all others.

13.  A boy is obsessed with female anatomy. A man is impressed by her brains.

14.  A boy makes too many promises he does not follow through. A man means what he says and does what he says he’ll do.

15.  A boy states his opinion/view beginning with “I am a man” or “From a man’s point of view…”. A man knows he’s a man, and feels no need to state the obvious.

16.  A boy demands love and respect. A man shows love and commands respect.

17.  A boy calls grown women “girls”. A man calls a girl “a girl” and a woman “a woman” because he knows the difference.

18.  A boy is afraid to cry in public because he thinks he’ll be seen as “weak”. A man can cry in public because he’s strong and secure in his masculinity.

19.  A boy runs away from a relationship when the going gets tough. A man stays and fights for the woman he loves, like a man.

20.  A boy gets angry and punishes you for breaking up with him. A man respects your decision even if he does not agree with it.

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2 replies on “20 Signs You Are Dating A Boy Vs. Dating A Man”
  1. says: CHRIS

    This is fantastic! Such clarity, wisdom. So incisive and succinct. I smiled with every comment I read. Yes, I’ve reached “that” level! Brilliant analysis, loved it!

  2. says: Laura

    A boy runs away from a relationship when the going gets tough, a man stays and fights for the woman he loves’. Thank you for this, it has given me so much clarity. I broke up with my ex because I did not know where I stood. He came after me and declared love etc., did not want to lose me, would do whatever it takes yada yada. After our first misunderstanding during the process he threw in the towel. We are meeting on Friday but this sentence has given me so much clarity. thanks

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