Ask the Love Doctor is “expert” guidance, advice and the support you need to get back your ex. You actually get answers and advice instead of reading other people’s stories asking for advice from ANY-ONE and most of the time NO-ONE is listening or giving answers.

That said, I am not obligated to answer your questions or explain why your question/comment was not posted. While I try to read every question or comment, I can not respond to every one of them. There is just not enough time to do so. Someone else may have already asked a similar question to yours, so please take the time to search and read as many articles as possible before you ask your question.

If your question or comment is not posted, it means that we’ve judged it to be repetitive (been asked before), it’s too long or we don’t see it adding anything of value to the discussion.

Asking for advice

People who frequent this site are looking for answers. We ask that you keep questions and comments short and relevant to the original question and post/article. This will help users find the answers they’re looking for quickly and easily without having to read through all the “other stuff” which is of very little use to them.

It doesn’t help you to ask general questions like “How do I get back my ex?” This whole site is about how to get back your ex. It also doesn’t help you to leave a comment (and especially a rant with no clear question) anywhere in any post just to get attention or reaction – any reaction. Attention-seeking and attention-grabbing maneuvers don’t work here.

Since I have very limited time, I give priority to people who have my book and are following the advice in the book. I know exactly where in the process they are, where they may be stuck and what they need to do. However, saying “I bought your book” does not earn you any credits. First of all there is a way for me to check if you really bought my book and secondly, if you read my book to the end, I mention that my blog is not a support forum for my book. If you need further assistance, please consider signing up for coaching.

Questions about the “No Contact Rule”

This site exists as the antithesis or direct opposite to all the sites that approve, endorse or encourage the use of no contact rule.

Any questions about 1) whether or not to do no contact, 2) how long to give your ex “space”, 3) if and when you should contact your ex, 4) how to approach your ex after a period of no contact etc. will not be responded to. There are hundreds of sites and internet communities where you can ask questions about “no contact” and they will be very happy to help with advice.  This is NOT one of them. Here it’s all about communication and connection – and how to do it in a healthy and securely-attached way.

Lengthy comments and rants

We understand that sometimes you want to let it all out, but long comments ruin a site. Nobody has the time to read them including me. Same as rants and questions that have nothing to do with the original post. They distract and draw attention away from the original topic and as a result will not be approved.

This site is for people looking for short and direct answers to their relationship questions. If you feel that explaining to me your whole story will help me give you the best advice, I suggest you consider signing up for a consultation or coaching. It’s your paid time and you can use it to tell me what you think I need to know to help you.

Multiple comments and questions

While we try as much as possible to be fair and give as many people as possible a chance to get answers. If you feel you need to leave more than one comment or ask more than one question, please consider signing up for one-on-one coaching where I can answer all your questions. I’ll respond to the first question, but your second follow-up question will not be approved/responded to. Multiple comments will be automatically deleted.


Please keep it clean. Any comment, question, handle/name, or email address with curse words, vulgarity or trash-talk will not be approved. I’m not Mother Teresa, but I draw a line on common decency.

Sexual content

Please DO NOT post explicit or graphic sexual content. People here are looking for advice on how to get back their ex and not the details of your sex life. Some things are best left private.

Giving advice to other site users

We very much welcome others giving advice to fellow readers. That said, we do not encourage giving advice that is tainted by your own bad experiences, biases, prejudices and preconceived notions. Misleading advice that discourages others from seeking that heart-soul-mind connection, or does not advance healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationships will not be approved.

We ask that you please be considerate, respectful and empathetic to other users and what they are going through at any particular moment when posting your comments.

Our team of moderators reserves the right to approve or reject comments we deem not in accordance with our core values of love, respect,  compassion and humility.


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