Can Love Be Taught?

Can love be taught? I believe it can. I know it can.

But it’s more like re-taught because we all come into this world knowing how to love, but somehow because of our human experiences (and childhood traumas) “forget” what we already know.

We go through life trying to “remember” what it is like to love… and be loved, but unfortunately in the process of trying to remember, many of us accumulate more experiences which push us further and further away from love. Instead of love, fear becomes what comes more naturally to us.

If we could just sit still, if we could stop all the frenzy running around, if we could stop hiding from what we fear, if we could just be real with ourselves and quit all the mind game playing, we can and will remember. We will remember what it is like to love.

Many of you who have worked with me one-on-one may have heard me say, “I am not teaching you anything new. You already know these things.” And that’s a fact. You can’t teach someone something that they already know.

My calling in life is to help you remember what comes more naturally to the human heart – love.

I am no smarter than you, or know how to love better than you, I am simple in mind, at heart and in spirit and this allows me to be able to explain love in very simple words that make love sound familiar, easy and comfortable.

One of the greatest joys of my life is when a client says “what you say resonates with me” …  I know it’s not what I am saying that is resonating with them, they are just remembering…

Sometimes, that’s all you need. Someone to remind you what you already know, and you can take it from there.

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