Can I Get My Ex Back If She’s In Love With Someone Else?

Question: My ex and I met when she was in a relationship. We fell deeply in love and she left him for me. We were very happy for 2 years. Last month I found out she was sleeping with the guy at work. I confronted her and she broke up with me. I have never seen her so angry, she said I knew who she was and that she was not as happy and she tried to tell me many times but I begged her not to leave and she didn’t want to hurt me so she stayed. I told her I didn’t realize how unhappy she was and promised to change but she said she didn’t think I can make her happy. I must add that she met her now ex when she was in a relationship with another guy. I love her so much and want her back, but how do I get her back if he is in love with the other guy? She posts photos on FB calling him her true love. Do you even think I should even try to get her back or is this a lost cause? Any advice will be appreciated.

Yangki’s Answer: Being cheated on is hard… But like she said, you knew who she was, and you still fell in love with her. I am not saying what she did is okay, I am just saying she did who she is… chances are that she’ll do it again to the new guy.

It’s not my place to tell you whether or not to try. That’s up to you. As for getting her back:

1) if she’s calling this new guy her true love, it means that right now, and may be (given her history) for the new 2 years they’re going to be very happy together. Can you wait 2 years for her to get over the other guy?

2) do you know if the other guys tried to get her back, is she the type to take back an ex or find someone new and;

3) even if she took you back, chances are that she’ll cheat again. Do you want to take that risk, again?

Like I said, it’s your decision whether or not to try to get her back. I am just laying the facts so that you make the best decision for yourself. That’s what a coach does…

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