Do Dismissive Avoidants Miss You After A Break-Up? (VIDEO)

If your ex has a dismissive avoidant attachment style, you must be asking yourself, “do dismissive avoidants miss you?” Or “will a dismissive avoidant come back?”

This video will answer many of your questions about dismissive avoidant exes. Included in the video are practical things you can do to attract back your dismissive avoidant ex.

Supporting research on dismissive avoidants and break-ups

1.The secure and dismissing attachment appears to be a protective factor both in the adoption of dysfunctional behaviors right after a relation dissolution (e.g., insistent telephone calls and text messages, verbal threats, and sending unwanted objects) and in using negative emotional categories as motivations for these behaviors (When Love Just Ends: An Investigation of the Relationship Between Dysfunctional Behaviors, Attachment Styles, Gender, and Education Shortly After a Relationship Dissolution).

2. Adjustment is related to a dismissing attachment style and to the avoidance dimension. Multiple regression analysis confirmed that secure attachment and the avoidance dimension predict adjustment to divorce and positive affectivity while preoccupied attachment and the anxiety dimension predicted negative affectivity. (Yárnoz-Yaben, 2010: Attachment style and adjustment to divorce).


What Makes A Dismissive Avoidant Ex Miss You And Come Back?

Friendzoned By My An Avoidant Ex Or Starting As Friends?

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