Break-Up Unanswered Questions

Like most people you probably have so many unanswered questions about your break-up like:

Why did the break-up happen?
What could you have done to prevent it?
Was it a bad start or a break-up?
How could your ex just walk away after so many years?
Does your ex still love you?
Why is he or she still contacting you/sleeping with you?
Why does he or she want to be friends but does not want a relationship?
Is your ex’s relationship a rebound?
Is it really over?

I have a lot of experience answering these kind of questions and helping men and women process persistent thoughts that just seem not to go away no matter what you do. I can help you too.

The key word here is “process”, not ignore or find things to distract you (both of which are unhealthy for working thought grief).

Book an hour with me, and lets’ work through whatever you are going through together. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone who not only understands you and your situation, but truly cares.

I also offer consultation on deciding whether to move on or keep trying to get back with your ex.


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