Hi Yangki, I’m trying to show my ex that I …

Comment on A Break-Up Vs. A Bad Start – They Didn’t Break-Up With You (NOT Your Ex) by Rosemary.

Hi Yangki, I’m trying to show my ex that I have changed but he says I can never change and also he does not think we’re right for each other. We were together for 5 months. He was first to say I love you and also one who asked to be exclusive. After I acted needy because he didn’t respond to my texts he started acting distant. He broke up with me saying he needed space. I didn’t contact him for 6 weeks. Last week I contacted him and asked him to see me so we can talk. We met and talked but he wants to move on. I don’t want to give up if there is still hope but I don’t know how to fix it.

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