Hahaaaa! I know the feeling. …

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Hahaaaa! I know the feeling.

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My Ex Says It’s Over Am I In Denial?
PS: I’ve really loving this new theme. I downloaded it after seeing it here.

My Ex Says It’s Over Am I In Denial?
I’ve been in the same situation as you. It helped me move on faster knowing that if it was meant to be we would get back together. We live in the same town and still see each other, she’s friendly and nice to me but I’m not putting my life on hold waiting for her. Not seeing anyone in particular but if the opportunity arose, I’d explore it.

I Told Her I Love Her, She Broke Up With Me
And I thought women want to know everything about me because they want to annoy me. lol

Jokes aside, I am not used to being asked so many questions about myself and tend to wall out. All my ex-girlfriends complained about it. It may explain why I’m still single although I have all the qualities I think women look for in a guy. I recently figured out if I don’t open up, I’ll be alone playing computer games for the rest of my life.

Great post again.

Why Isn’t My Boyfriend Sexually Attracted To Me?
No! 🙂

Why Isn’t My Boyfriend Sexually Attracted To Me?
Love doc, is that a smile? I’m physically attracted. Lol. The new photo looks good, and the post insightful and instructional as always!

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