8 Tips To Help You Persist Until You Get Back Your Ex



In this article, I share 8 tips that will help you persist until you get back your ex.

I have been a coach for so many years and understand that getting back your ex can be a long-drawn process that lasts months and even years. You may even be doing everything right to get your ex back, but things don’t always go the way you want or expect.

This is one of the hardest things to deal with when trying to attract back one’s ex. Many of us become anxious, worried, negative and lose hope because we can not predict what’ll happen next. We start imagining worst case scenarios in an attempt to prepare ourselves for the worst. Others create situations where they get into a fight with their ex (spy on their ex, say or write nasty things about the person), and completely ruin any possibility of ever getting back together.

If you find yourself acting out and starting fights with your ex because you are losing hope, you’ve crossed the line from trying to attract back your ex to actively pushing your ex further away.

What causes people to shoot themselves in the foot like this is not what the ex is doing, but their inability to handle their anxiety in the face of unpredictability and uncertainty. In many instances, you’ll find that your goal has shifted from trying to attract back your ex to fighting the anxiety and toxic stress caused by the uncertainty of the situation.

So what do you do persist until you get back your ex?

1. Identify the source of your anxiety and worry

With everything going on with your ex, people close to you telling you this and that, and all kinds of advice on the internet, it’s easy to become fearful and negative. To make sure you stay hopeful and positive, identify and block off the source of the reason you are losing hope. If it’s your friends, limit how much you talk to them about your ex/situation, if it’s advice on the internet, carefully choose and limit what you read etc.

2. Accept that uncertainty is part of the process

Whenever human beings are involved, it is impossible to be 100% certain about what they’ll say or do at any given moment. If you were dealing with a machine, you’d program it so that you know exactly what’s going to say or do – and why. But you are dealing with a human being — complex, versatile, ever changing and highly unpredictable by nature. One day they feel this way and the next day they feel completely the opposite.

The simple step of accepting this fact can change your whole attitude and the way you look at what is going on.

3. Recognize that there is only so much you can do right now

It’d be nice to just push your way through but that’ll only push your ex away. If you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing, and doing it right, that is good enough. Focus on things under your control.

4. Imagine best possible scenario

Sounds like a trip to fantasy land, but so does worrying about everything that could go wrong. Most of it is all in your head, the reality may turn out to be very different.

Instead of imagining worst case scenarios, try imagining the best possible scenario. True, the reality may turn out to be very different but for now, you’ll feel calmer and focused.

5. Have a little more faith in yourself

You have come this far and have not fallen apart, that means something. Tap into whatever strength has sustained this far and tell yourself you are strong enough to make it through. If you need to, write some affirmations down and read them when you feel like you are losing hope.

6. Remind yourself you are not alone

It helps to remind yourself that there are many people trying to attract back their ex and everyone goes through moments when they feel like they are losing hope. Knowing that you are not alone can help you face the unknown with a little more confidence.

7. Keep moving forward

I tell my clients, “Nothing in this process is written in stone. Exes change their minds all the time”. So, until you know for sure that it is over-over, keep moving forward. Persist until you get back your ex.

8. Focus on the present

Things will unfold soon enough. In the meantime, life goes on.

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  1. says: howard

    I’m following your ebook and last night I told my ex I was going to a cooking class and I said casually that it’d be nice if she wanted to come. She didn’t seem interested but said I should text nearer the day of my class. She said goodbye very fast after just a couple of minutes on the phone. Should I be concerned? It has me worried now because of how neutral she sounded, although we haven’t spoken much since I initiated contact.

    1. Her lack of enthusiasm is expected considering you haven’t spoken much since you broke up. She’s may be guarded because she doesn’t know what to expect, and may be hasn’t fully moved past what happened.

      This is a slow process and as I mentioned in the book, will call upon your patience, determination and emotional stability the way it’s never been called up on before – in the relationship. If you start panicking at every slight thing your ex says or does, you’ll lose focus and find yourself acting in a self-destructing manner.

      Text a day or two before your class reminding her that she’s welcome to come if she’s interested. She may say she’s not interested but that’s besides the point. Your goal is to get her back and not just go get her to go to the cooking class. Look at the bigger picture.

    2. says: SunnySue

      I am just about to lose all hope of getting back my ex. We had a really good relationship, then the last 2 months before the breakup he said he’d lost his feelings for me. I asked if he wanted to breakup but he said no. A week later we broke up he said he could not pretend anymore. I went NC for 60 days then contacted him and asked if he wanted to try the relationship again. He did not respond but continues to contact me asking how i am doing. I don’t want him contacting me if he does not want to get back together. It hurts too much.

      1. says: Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng

        I wouldn’t be surprised if this is not the same attitude that led to him losing his feelings for you. Relationships are about finding what works for both people, not my way or no way.

        It’s not my place to tell you to stay in contact or not. That’s a decision only you can make. But if you ever want a fulfilling and lasting relationship, you have to start thinking of a relationship as 2 people in it, not just you.

  2. says: Pradeep

    I want to thank you for a very thoughtful and timely post about this topic. I’m definitely driving my ex further away. My question is, what do you do after you sent a text you know you shouldn’t have.

    1. Do nothing. I know that’s really hard to do for people who compulsively text or call the person they love (needy people). The impulse is to send another text to explain the one that you shouldn’t have sent, then send another one to try to explain the one that you sent about the one you shouldn’t have sent. Before long you have sent 10, 20 texts.

      If this is a pattern, your ex may be expecting you to do the same thing you’ve always done. So, wait a few days then send ONE email to explain yourself. See what he says and respond accordingly.

      Doing something different will take him by surprise, and if you continue doing things differently over a period of time, it will make him want to come close to find out more about this “new” you.

  3. says: joewood

    She does not want to date with anybody now, but she hasn’t really said whether or not she wants to be with me in the future. I can’t stand the uncertainty.

  4. says: Justin

    I’m going through this right this moment. Worrying if my ex will come back or not. I know I need to be patient and act calm but I keep thinking up the worst case scenarios. I keep thinking that may be she’s just leading me on but really doesn’t want to be back with me or may be she feels sorry for me and is just being polite by replying to my texts or may be she’s bored and talks to me because right now there is no one else. Ugh! Not knowing is driving me crazy.

  5. says: Al

    Looking back on my failed relationship, I have a lot of built up resentment for my ex. Will this ultimately endanger my chances of getting her back?

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