6 Signs That Cute Co-Worker Digs You

5-signs-your-co-worker-digs-youThe workplace is a pretty good place to meet a potential life partner if you can keep romance and work separate. Unlike bars where you really don’t know who you are chatting up, in the office, you have natural opportunities to get to see more of what the person is really like. How he/she treats other people, how he/she organizes their space, how he/she holds up under stress etc.

But how can you tell if the person is interested in a romantic relationship with you or just being a good colleague?

1. They’re constantly looking your way.

Always seem to be watching you (extended eye contact, frequent glances, sits facing you in meetings etc).

2. He/she tries to find ways to be in your physical space.

This is can be either very subtle or extremely “in your face” (literally). Very often what is supposed to be 10-15 minute meetings between the two of you turns into 45 minute to an hour sessions.

It’s his/her way of letting you know “I am interested if you are”.

3. They do little things for you

Like bring your coffee or your mail, take your calls/messages for you, pull your chair for you, or offer to run errands (like it’s no big deal for them).

4. You “accidentally” bump into each other a lot.

Even his/her “accidental” appearance at your favourite hangout is a signal that he/she’s trying to connect with you (but doesn’t want you to think he/she’s a stalker!). Take this as a positive sign and make the most of your next encounter.

5. He/she seems “overly” curious about you, especially what you do outside of work hours.

What he/she is doing is trying to find out if there is someone and how serious you are about that person. It’s interesting how most people who really feel strongly about someone are not put off by that person having someone else, especially if the relationship is not serious. We humans are optimists by nature.

6. He she calls you after 10 O’clock in the night.

They call just to see how you are doing or how your day went and then lingers on the phone (uncomfortable silence) before hanging up. Or may be he/she calls and when the two of you start talking, it’s sometimes into the wee-hours of the night. Wake up – that’s what people who are dating do!

There may be other signals but these are the most obvious ones.

Now, if he/she’s single and you’re single, go for it. But make sure you have checked your company guidelines regarding dating coworkers and have read the company policy on harassment.

Also make sure you are ready and capable of having a healthy relationship. It isn’t easy bringing together two areas of your life (work and a relationship) and a “broken heart” can bring more than grief. You might find yourself quitting your job because you cant’ stand to see him/her everyday.

I advice against accepting a job thinking it to be an unofficial dating club. Keep in mind that most people come to office to work not to look for love. Good luck with it!

If you have your own “signs” that you’d like to share. feel free to do so in the comments section.

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