5 Reasons NOT To Do No Contact – Stay In Contact (VIDEO)

Watch the video and share your own reasons not to do no contact in the comments.

Does doing no contact make you a bad person? No. I don’t believe so. Most people doing no contact do it for different reasons. Most are hurting, and some desperate. When are hurting or desperate you are only focused on how you feel and what can make you feel better.

If you are working on becoming more securely attached the question you ask yourself before doing no contact is:

“What would someone with a securely attachment style do if they wanted their ex back, but needed space and time to deal with their emotions?”

I’d tell you what they’d do.

They would do whatever they can not cause their ex more anxiety, distress or anguish. They would reassure their ex that they are not abandoning them or punishing them for ending the relationship. They just need to briefly step away from the situation so they can get some clarity on the best way to move forward.

You can also send me an email with your reasons not to do no contact.


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