4 SECRETS Of People Who Get Back Their Ex – Pt 1

I receive so many blog questions, and also work with so many men and women who are in relationships where on an average day, they fluctuate between should I stay or should I go, should I fight for him/her or should I give up.

One day they write me telling me they do not think the relationship is going any where, they are not happy, they do not feel loved by this person and can not get him or her to open up. They are ready to quit because they believe they deserve better – deserve to be loved.

The next day I receive yet another email saying they love this person so much and think things will work out. They tell me their ex is trying and they know (in their own way) he/she loves them. They want to give the relationship another chance.

But two days later, I get yet another email saying “It’s over. I can’t take this anymore”. The email is this long and very emotional. It all about how angry they are with the other person for “leading” them on or how angry they are with themselves for loving someone who obviously does not love them back. Some of them go as far as saying the person they are with is not capable of love because they are selfish, narcissistic, emotionally cold, has serious issues from childhood, is insecure, is a jerk, is inadequate in bed, in not intelligent and all that stuff…

By now you know the drill, one week later they are so much in love and want to fight for the person they love…

What do you then do if you find yourself one moment wanting your ex back so bad and the next feeling like trying to get them back is so painful that you need to walk away?

If you are not yet ready to walk away (for good), and are willing to give your relationship a real chance, follow these four secrets of people who end up getting back their ex, and you’ll not only feel hopeful when you feel like giving up but end up back together.

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