I hear you. Most people don’t realize that whatever you …

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I hear you. Most people don’t realize that whatever you do, whether it is a fight, a break/separation or break-up, you should never EVER put the other person in a position where they question or doubt your love for them. Once someone questions your love for them, the foundation of the relationship is shaken. This applies both ways.

Some people with a lot of work can heal the foundation of their relationship, but most people can’t. They may even get back together but the damage is done. They keep having one problem after another and don’t understand why they can’t make the relationship work.

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3 STRONG Reasons NOT To Do “No Contact”
Sorry you had to find out the hard way that NC is to allow you to heal and move on, not a strategy for getting your ex back.

3 STRONG Reasons NOT To Do “No Contact”
Let me get this right… you’re thinking of sending an email to an ex you have emailed/called several times and hasn’t responded just to tell her you’re over her? Looks like a case of who was over who first? I think the real waste of time here is you sending her the email you’re thinking of sending.

3 STRONG Reasons NOT To Do “No Contact”
It’s fairly normal for an ex to be cold, distant or even still be angry when you contact them the first time, especially if the breakup was hostile. A letter or flowers for first contact may be a little too formal/over the top for first contact. In my eBook I encourage text or email depending on the form of communication you used most when you were in the relationship. It’s best to start slow/casual and build on it than start full blast and run out of steam very quickly.

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Spend time on this site and you’ll learn how. Balancing closeness and respect for the other’s boundaries is exactly what the site is about.

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Your instincts may be right, and there is someone else. In that case, you have to make a decision as to whether you still want to her back knowing she’s not being honest about seeing someone else or move on if you think she’s not being honest.

But it’s also possible that there is no one else and you are coming across as insecure and/or needy. Whether there is someone else or not, most exes get angry when you ask them (especially if you’ve asked her more than once, which looks like the case just by your comment alone) if there is someone else.

1. It’s none of your business (you are broken up, they can see whoever they want to see whether you are fine with it or not). You asking her to be honest with you is acting like she owes you something, and;

2. If she’s told you there isn’t anyone else, insisting that she be honest with you is the same as saying she’s lying or that you don’t trust her. And you wonder why she gets “really defensive and angry”.

Bottom line, this is more about you than it is about her.

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For several months, we built up a new relationship from scratch… have both grown up, matured and become better versions of ourselves to make it work this time around…. we are heading towards a future together.

That’s the way to do it!!! 🙂

Thank you for your kind words… they mean more than you know.

Best wishes and lots and lots of love.

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Thank you so much for this additional information, and thank you for sharing your personal struggles. I just wish more people were as honest about the “the background drama behind No Contact” as you are, they’d have better chances at getting back with the one they love.

I wish you continued success staying sober… (:

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Easy there, sweetness… I’m kinda shy… 😉

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