20 Ex Back Success Stories – Exes Who Got Back Together

Credible independent studies (conducted by “get your ex back” coaches or sites) estimate the percentage of exes who got back together as roughly 35-50 percent.

1. Kansas State University found that nearly 50 percent of all exes come back. The exes who got back together assumed their ex had changed for the better.

2. Psychology Today, a credible source has on their site roughly the same percentage of 40-50 percent of exes who come back. Exes cited lingering feelings as the main reason what they come back.

3. Kansas State University found that 37 percent of cohabiters and 27 percent of married couples had experienced a breakup and got back together with their exes.

My success rate over the years has shown the percentage to be at roughly 70 – 75 percent. I believe this is because most people attracted to my approach to attracting back an ex and end up working with me have already something working in their favour:

1) There are still lingering feelings – They strongly feel that there are still feelings and they want to give themselves the best possible change

2) An ex is either torn – They’re dealing with an ex who is torn or not sure if a relationship can work and not completely ruling out all possibilities.

3) A strong foundation – The relationship was on most part good (not toxic) and there is a strong foundation to build a new relationship on.

4) Want their in their life – The break-up was civil and they still care about their ex, want their in their life and hope they can get them back.

5) Don’t feel no contact is right – Going no contact doesn’t feel right and they want to stay in contact without pressure.

Either way, not going no contact gives us a unique edge and a good and healthy place to start working together. We make a lot more progress and faster by making the best of the already open lines of communication. I also suspect the percentage of those who get back their ex could be much higher as some clients don’t write back to tell me they got back together with their ex. Some of them don’t want to jinx the relationship and others want their privacy. I’ve had clients come back 5 -15 years later to tell me they got back their ex, got married, had kids and divorced. They have been seeing a new person, they broke up, and they need my help again.

For anyone who still has doubts, I have compiled below a list of success stories left by readers of this site who reunited after a break-up and got back their ex. I have longer email stories some posted on success stories, but I thought actual words from readers just like you might be a little more encouraging (to those feeling discouraged) since they are unsolicited.

In the comments of several articles, you’ll find more stories of people who got back together and those in various stages of getting back with their ex. I just got lazy and couldn’t to go through all the 15,000 plus comments.

Hopefully this will encourage you to keep trying, to not give up, to give love a chance.

It DOES happen… and it can happen to you!

1. Anja’s ex back success story

I found your site seven months ago when I just broke up with my ex. It was the toughest time of my life but your words and advice gave me comfort and hope. I started all over again to slowly build our relationship. Step by step, day after day things got better and better. I finally created enough momentum to ask him if he wanted to get back together. He said yes. So we are back together. I know if it wasn’t for your advice things could have turned out differently. I am truly grateful.

Posted on: How To Take It Slow And Get Your Ex Back

2. Rez’s ex back success story

For those wondering if this works, it does. Worked for me twice actually. First time it took a month to get her back but I screwed up again and she broke up with me. I had learned from past mistakes and specifically asked to keep the lines of communication open. This time it took 3 months to get her back. The key is patience and persistence. Thanks Love Doctor. You know your stuff.

Posted on: 5 Reasons To Maintain Contact With Your Ex

3. Kym’s ex back success story

Yangki, just wanted to let you know that my ex and I are back together. We have been back together for a month and things couldn’t be better. Your online course helped me realize what I needed to change and I can truly say I’m different now. I used to be so worried and anxious all the time. I’m more relaxed, don’t overreact and have learned to live in the moment. I am much more independent and not needy. Our communication is so much better and more open. Of course there is no such a thing as a perfect relationship but this time is close. So thank you!

Posted on: 10 TOP INDICATORS You’ll Get Back Your Ex

4. Aisha’s ex back success story

We’re officially back together after 7 months apart. We’re still learning how to talk about everything that happened and what caused our problems. I can honestly say we’re so much happier and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Everyone else, don’t stop trying!

Posted on: 10 TOP INDICATORS You’ll Get Back Your Ex

5. Lee’s ex back success story

After reading countless posts on this blog i just had to say that I disciplined myself to put the words into action and have successfully rekindled with my ex. After a month of very light contact and another month of the two step forward-one step back dance, I built up enough emotional momentum for us to agree to start over, work on fixing anything that troubled us from our last relationship, and build a new one. Two years and nine months was worth fighting for, especially since we were friends for so long beforehand.

Posted on: How To Take It Slow And Get Your Ex Back

6. Tyler’s ex back success story

My ex and I split in 2012. We ended up merging into a longer love relationship in 2013 and beyond. It was over three years. Although, I agree with the article that the longer time goes by the harder it is, and who knows why or how my ex and I suddenly became an item again. We started back out as friends a year and a half after we initially split. We were friendly over the next year and a half and it suddenly grew intimate again. So it does happen. Each case would have to be evaluated. We certainly weren’t looking to get back together and nor did it come up. It happened without words.

Posted on: Should You Be Concerned That Your Ex Is Pulling Away?

7. Ricco’s ex back success story

Speaking from personal experience, my ex started to show interest in me again once the rebound wore off. I maintained contact with her while working to improve myself. She said she noticed the change and expressed genuine remorse. We started slow and after a month we got back together. I know this is not for everyone but don’t just give up because she started dating someone new. Just keep contact, play it very cool and don’t go talking about how much you love her.

Posted on: Facts About Rebound Relationships – Will It Last?

8. Kayla’s ex back success story

Yangki, thank you for showing me I was doing all the wrong things to get back my ex. He and I decided to give us another chance. We’re both going into it cautiously but we realize we love each other too much to give up on us now. You were instrumental in getting me to where i am today and I came back to say thank, thank you. My advice to everyone trying to get their ex back, it is so easy to give up but trust your gut. It is never a loss when you fully apply yourself unreservedly with someone you love — regardless of how long it takes.

Posted on: How Long Will It Take To Get My Ex Back?

9. Eliz’s ex back success story

Hi Yangki, I just had to tell you what a blessing your book and site are! My ex broke up with me because he didn’t feel the same love for me as I felt for him. I started no contact but I couldn’t completely disconnect myself from him. I contacted him and over the course of 5 weeks things progressed rapidly. We spent a lot of time talking about how to improve the relationship. he was very attentive, holding me tightly and giving me long hugs but I was the one that asked him if he wants to try the relationship again. We are back together but still taking it slow. Your advice was extremely helpful. Thank you.

Posted on: 3 Reasons Staying Friends With Your Ex Is Good For Getting Back Together

10. May’s ex back success story

Letting go is the best advice I read from your Just a Breakup book. I was afraid to let him go because I was afraid to lose him. It already had been 5 months and he was slipping further and further away. I begged, pleaded, and wrote him love letter. I even did no contact but on advice of his best friend abandoned the idea. My ex is full of pride and would completely cut me out of his life and I felt the future was completely out of my control. After desperately trying to hold on, I bought your book and started practicing letting go. When I sent a text I was not attached to him responding, and slowly but surely he started to text more. When it came to dates, I didn’t show anxiety or react when he cancelled. We eventually got back together and 2 months counting still together. Attracting back your ex really does happen, but you have to let go. Its hard actually because its scary, but let yourself go with the flow and have faith.

Posted on: How Letting Go Helps Get Back Your Ex


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44 replies on “20 Ex Back Success Stories – Exes Who Got Back Together”
  1. says: Jul

    Hi Yangki, thanks to your wonderful website and Dating your Ex book, I am back with my ex and just wanted to quickly share my success story with you. We have been dating for a total of 4 and a half years and our relationship suffered a major breakdown last year and he felt that he lost the feeling of “being in love”. I was devastated and came across your website and bought your ebook and saw a glimmer of hope. Your advice was positive, hopeful and very logical. After working on myself for 5 weeks and learning to deal with unpleasant emotions (I was a very emotional, insecure and needy person in the old relationship), I reached out to him and was surprised to receive an instantaneous response. Through pressure free contact, I eventually built up the emotional momentum (as you suggested in the book) to ask him on a coffee date to which he gladly accepted. For several months, we built up a new relationship from scratch and have both grown up, matured and become better versions of ourselves to make it work this time around. The rest is history and we are heading towards a future together. Many thanks to you Yangki, you are a godsend and keep doing what you’re doing!

    1. says: Yangki Akiteng

      For several months, we built up a new relationship from scratch… have both grown up, matured and become better versions of ourselves to make it work this time around…. we are heading towards a future together.

      That’s the way to do it!!! 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words… they mean more than you know.

      Best wishes and lots and lots of love.

      1. says: Jul

        Thank you so much for your reply Yangki! I’m glad my comment made its way to you. I am so appreciative that your wise words of wisdom helped and guided me to restore my relationship. 2019 has been the best year for us and we feel more in love with each other than ever before! I also recommend your website and book to my friends and family who are going through a similar situation to what I was in and hope that your advice could help them as well. Thank you once again and much love x

  2. says: Andrea

    I have a success story. 5 years together, broke up due to poor communication, kept contact for 4 months while both of us working on issues separately, started dating again end of February, got back two weeks ago. So far so good.

  3. says: Crystal

    Hi Yangki, I know you talk to so many people and probably don’t remember me. I signed up for an hour session with you in September when my ex and I had just broke up. You were very understanding of my situation and as genuine as you are in your articles. You were also right about my ‘commitment phobe’ ex. Long story short, we are back together. We have discussed commitment very briefly and he says if we can be together without arguing and fighting he will be open to committing to marriage. I have both of your books Dating Your Ex and It’s Just a Breakup and they are both been very helpful. Thank you, Yangki. Love always, Crystal.

    1. says: Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng

      Hi Crystal, congratulations!

      I do remember talking to you. I may not remember the details of our conversation but I remember you coming to the realization that your ex wasn’t a ‘commitment phobe’ after all. It’s one of those rare “aha” moments that stay in memory.

      Yes, LOVE ALWAYS! 🙂

      1. says: Danny

        Hi Yangki!
        I’m Danny and I would like to sign up for a one on one session. How do I go about doing that? You can email me my email will be below. Thank You

  4. says: KenWan

    Yangki, thanks to your books and coaching I am back with my ex. It took almost a year to get her back because I had so much work to do to be the partner for her that I knew she deserved. My then ex is a secure attachment individual who is sociable and has plenty of friends. Me on the other hand I was closed and emotionally guarded, extremely jealous and controlling. Slowly reading your articles and talking to you, I learned how to trust and be vulnerable and opened my sensitive side to her (I found the balance between sensitivity and masculine energy that you talk about). I was also able to create a secure and safe emotional environment for her and in turn she opened up to me the way she had never done before. We give each other space to pursue individual interests and the times we spend together are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically fulfilling. You are right, when securely attached, it doesn’t take so much work to be in a relationship and I am not ‘trying’ to be the kind and loving partner to her, I just am. Thank you for helping us find each other again. God Bless.

    1. says: Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng

      I remember you – always will!

      I’m very happy for you Ken. Everyone deserves love and happiness but you, YOU deserve it even more.

      All the VERY BEST!

  5. says: Jess

    My ex and I are back together after only 1.5 months. This was our second breakup and this site helped me at my lowest point. I have grown emotionally and my ex says so too. Thank you.

    1. says: Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng

      I am happy for you, Jess… 🙂

      I hope everything works for you. Wishing all the love you can possibly have!!!!

  6. says: Nanci

    We were broken up for 2 yrs 3 mos. We were not to talk for 1 wk, but after only 4 days he sent a text saying not talking was too hard. We texted on avrg 2 -3 texts a wk. I met someone 4 mos later and it lasted 2 mos, another lasted 8 mos. His was 1 year after the breakup and lasted 10 mos. After my last rebound relationship, I came across this site and bought all of Yangki’s books and coaching notes. I also did a lot of changing and set boundaries for how we go forward since he was in a relationship. We started to spend a lot of time together, eventually he ended it with the other woman. We officially started dating 2 yrs after we broke up. We made sure to not rush into a relationship, Yangki’s trial period idea worked so well for us. Two days ago we got back together. We are still taking it slow but determined to make it work. We tried other relationship and believe that we are meant to be together. Yangki, thank you for your wonderful advice.

    Everyone don’t give up, things can work out even after 2 years of trying.

    1. says: Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng

      Thank you for posting your success story, and thank you for your kind words.

      I wish you all the love and happiness!

  7. says: Dae

    The breakup happened because our relationship wasn’t at all healthy. We remained in contact strictly as friends. I signed up for coaching with Yangki and started to see a therapist about things from my childhood. My ex was skeptical at first but after sometime he saw I was communicating calmly and always happy and positive. Also we were hanging out and he tried to kiss me but I told I still love him but he needs to change also. He agreed, and he ask me to help him to draw plan for working on himself. We also agree not to be intimate until we feel we have both become better. He work to changed and after 4 months we decide to try the relationship for a month. A month turned to 2 and now we’re together almost 4 months.

    If you’ve established a strong emotional bond then it will be easier to get him back.

    1. says: Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng

      Thank you for posting your success story. You are right about a strong emotional bond.

      All the very best!… 🙂

  8. says: Beth

    Getting back together really does happen. My ex and are officially back together after 2 years. It was a bad breakup and everything I read about getting an ex back was negative until I happened on this site. I read many success stories on how someone got their ex back and made up my mind that this was going to be my story. I reached out and within a month we were seeing each other 3 x a week. I didn’t trying to rekindle the old relationship but created a new one. I had worked my issues and he seems to have been working on himself too. We have had some ups and downs but we are both committed to see how far this goes. I came back to write my success story to encourage everyone not to give up no matter how long it takes. I am proof that you can get your ex back even after 2 years.

    1. says: Love Doctor, Yangki Akiteng

      This is incredible. I am happy for you and with you… 🙂

      Thank you so much for coming back to share your story. It means a lot to me. Someone will read your story and want to make it their story… and that’s the power of love!

  9. says: Dee

    Hi Yangki,

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I stumbled across your website whilst searching how to get my ex back (after a year apart!!) and it was such a breath of fresh air. The more I read the more it made sense and was so much healthier than using mind games like “no contact” or playing hard to get etc.

    Happy to report that a few months later, and we are 100% back together and totally committed and in love. And it’s better than ever!!

    Thank you so much – obviously I just followed the spirit of your advice (honesty, consistency, care) and I definitely wasn’t perfect by any means – but I’m so grateful to now be at this point.

    I love this man to bits and I am so happy to be reunited with him. Thank you for posting such good common sense advice.

    1. says: Yangki Akiteng

      It sounds like both of you have fallen deeper in love with each other… 🙂

      It’s a beautiful story and I’d be lying if I said I am not happy that I had some small part in it. But you made it happen and deserve all the credit.

      I am happy for you, and hope that you keep falling deeper and deeper in love with each other.

  10. says: Debbie

    Hi Yangki,

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for this site. It’s so refreshing to find such honest, constructive and frank advice which doesn’t revolve around mindgames or manipulation, but instead focuses on healthy, honest and respectful communication.

    I’m so happy to report that following your guidelines, my ex is now telling me he loves and misses me too, we have had some really good times together and are even planning to spend some of Christmas together next week!

    Thanks so much, you are an absolute blessing xx

    1. says: Yangki Akiteng

      Thanks… and so are you!

      I am happy for you and wish you much love and happiness.

      Have a great Christmas TOGETHER!!!!

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