Yangki, thanks to your books and coaching I am back …

Comment on 20 PLUS Success Stories Of Exes Who Got Back Together – Got Back Their Ex by KenWan.

Yangki, thanks to your books and coaching I am back with my ex. It took almost a year to get her back because I had so much work to do to be the partner for her that I knew she deserved. My then ex is a secure attachment individual who is sociable and has plenty of friends. Me on the other hand I was closed and emotionally guarded, extremely jealous and controlling. Slowly reading your articles and talking to you, I learned how to trust and be vulnerable and opened my sensitive side to her (I found the balance between sensitivity and masculine energy that you talk about). I was also able to create a secure and safe emotional environment for her and in turn she opened up to me the way she had never done before. We give each other space to pursue individual interests and the times we spend together are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically fulfilling. You are right, when securely attached, it doesn’t take so much work to be in a relationship and I am not ‘trying’ to be the kind and loving partner to her, I just am. Thank you for helping us find each other again. God Bless.

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