Hi Yangki, I know you talk to so many people …

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Hi Yangki, I know you talk to so many people and probably don’t remember me. I signed up for an hour session with you in September when my ex and I had just broke up. You were very understanding of my situation and as genuine as you are in your articles. You were also right about my ‘commitment phobe’ ex. Long story short, we are back together. We have discussed commitment very briefly and he says if we can be together without arguing and fighting he will be open to committing to marriage. I have both of your books Dating Your Ex and It’s Just a Breakup and they are both been very helpful. Thank you, Yangki. Love always, Crystal.

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Thank you so much for this website! My ex says he’s still heartbroken by me, and that we should be friends. I text him articles or pictures a few days a week on topics that we both enjoy to hopefully build emotional momentum. He says my text messages are inappropriate (reaching out to him) and does not respond. He also says he needs his time and space from me, and that I should be focusing on me instead of us….I do not think it’s over-over, and I see him everyday because we have kids. Your website has been such a source of strength so far.

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