20 Signs She’s “The One” Don’t Let Her Go

Many men have at some point or other in their lives been deceived and dazed by a woman’s looks. Many of them have wasted countless hours and spent small fortunes chasing after women who lied to them and basically treated them like dirt. Some regret the lost opportunity to the marry a woman who was not exactly physically attractive but was a good woman.

While there is really no “standard” litmus test for telling right away that a woman is “a good woman” or one of those “other” ones, if she has these 20 qualities, she’s a rare gem. Don’t let her go, fight for her.

1. She’s warm and open – Her smile goes beyond the surface deep inside her eyes — the window to her soul. Her eyes and her whole demeanor kind of “lights up” when you walk into the room or towards her.

2. She let’s you be you – She does not want to change you – clean you up, re-make you or rename you etc – so she can love you but accepts you just the way you are.

3. She genuinely enjoys your company – isn’t afraid to ask for it or tell you that she enjoys being around you. Being around her feels like being around your best friend because you can truly be just yourself.

4. She makes an effort to make you happy – She goes out of her way to do things she thinks will make you happy. She’s the woman who’ll call you just to say “hi” or “I was thinking of you” however busy/tired she is.

5. She is secure within herself – She does not need constant attention and does not put pressure on you to feed her self-esteem, anxiety or worries about the future.

6. She’s there for you in the ups and in the downs – She’s happy out in an expensive restaurant just as she’s happy sitting next to you on the couch, doing nothing.

7. She does what she says she will do – She does not play mind games but lets you know where you stand because she cares enough to treat others the way she’d like to be treated.

8. She listens – She wants to know what you think and feel, wants to understand you, and responds with sensitivity, empathy and support when you need it.

9. She respects you – shows respect for you not only in private but more so in public because she cares about how others see you and treat you.

10. She trusts you – She trusts you and when she has doubts she openly expresses them and gives you the benefit of doubt but makes clear that when you betray her trust, you may never get it back.

11. She’s kind and generous for no reason – She’s not just nice to people she has something to gain from but is kind and treats the doorman, the customer service rep, the waitress, the beggar on the street, a child, the elderly etc. with compassion and respect. This is a telling sign of how she’ll treat you once she feels she has you and isn’t trying to impress you anymore.

12. She genuinely wants to be in a relationship with you – She’s not just looking for “any man” to solve all her problems. She talks positively of the opposite sex but also not blind to their shortcomings.

13. She’s genuinely interested in what you’re interested in – She likes the things you like and makes an effort to do even the things you like and she doesn’t.

14. She lets you know she likes and loves you – She’s not embarrassed or too proud to show you how much she loves you.

15. She doesn’t judge you when you fall short – She knows she’s not perfect, is forgiving of her imperfections and the imperfection in others.

16. She wants to be emotionally close to you – She creates a safe environment for you to communicate your thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings, needs and wants and she does the same.

17. She makes you feel like you matter – She generous with her time, energy and tries to meet all your relationship needs.

18. She brings out the best in you – She makes you want to express your finest qualities, and gives you many opportunities to use them.

19. She’s a team player – Together you feel that you can dream big, achieve big things and change the world.

20. She’s your greatest fan and cheerleader – She motivates you to live to your potential, do your best and be a better human being.

These 20 signs to she’s “the one” also apply to guys. If you are asking yourself if he’s “the one”, does he have all or at least most of these signs.

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