20 Ex Back Success Stories – Exes Who Came Back

11. Tivett’s ex back success story

Yangki, I want to first of all say thank you. Three months ago, I found your blog and bought your ebook at a time when I had lost all hope because I didn’t know where to start. I contacted my ex and slowly he started to respond to me even when he had said he didn’t see us working out. Start of September he finally admitted that he still had strong feelings for me and was willing to give us another chance. Technically we are back together and I have you to thank for it.

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12. Lucia’s ex back success story

Me and ex broke up last summer. We both right away got into new relationships. He after 2 months and me after 5. His rebound relationship ended within a month and mine after 2 months. I texted him first and we started dating again. Two weeks later we got back together and have never been happier. Sometimes a rebound is what you both need to realize that the other person is your one and only.

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13. Antoine’s ex back success story

Yangki, a quick success story to share with your readers. My ex came back after 6 months of trying to get her back. I can’t say for sure that one thing worked because I tried so many things. What I can say for sure is that being honest and open with her about my feelings changed everything. Within just over a month of open emotional connection her attitude towards me changed which hardly seemed possible before. I focused on creative ideas on how to create positive feelings and things changed for the better. But best of all, I was relaxed which also made her feel relaxed. What I want to say to everyone is- don’t give up. Getting back your ex is a hard process but is more than doable.

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14. Pat’s ex back success story

My ex and I have strong feelings for each other but we decided to start by hanging out as “friends”. It was her suggestion and I went along with it. I had previously made the mistake of telling an ex that it is all or nothing and she moved on. Also I wasn’t there for my ex and I needed her to see that I had made positive changes in my life to better myself. To cut the long story short, we have decided to get back together. I know that this time things will be different and I am excited to start the new relationship.

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15. Cece’s ex back success story

I got my ex back after 8 long months of hard work. We were together for 5 years and have a child together. I think we were both not ready for the responsibilities of parenting and it tore us apart. He had basically given up on us and was dating someone new but I never gave up. With hard work and patience, I won him back. We’re proof that many problems facing a relationship can be fixed. Unless you’ve reached the point where one or both of you don’t want to fix them, you should keep trying. Don’t lose hope. Stay positive, anything can happen!

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16. Matt’s ex back success story

I posted here a while ago. I got back together with my ex Nov. 2011 and things have been going pretty well. This was after 5 months of maintaining steady contact and showing her I changed. I hope the same can happen to all of you. Good luck.

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17. Ed’s ex back success story

Yangki, I put in the effort and followed your eBook to the letter and i am happy to report shes back! You did a great job deciphering it and giving me a ton of practical things to do. I owe you.

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18. Ashkar’s ex back success story

Yangki, I just wanted to say I love your eBook (and I love you). For 6mos. I tried to get my ex back with tactics and dirty games and only ended up making things worse. I bought your eBook, and the steps were so simple, yet I had missed them all this time. Last mo. my ex and I got back together. I’m so grateful to you in ways that you’ll never know. For everyone looking to get their ex back, Yangki’s eBook will get you onto the right path and get your ex back. It changed my life and got me my ex back and will change yours as well.

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19. Kes’s ex back success story

No Contact was the dumbest and most destructive thing I ever did, and I did many dumb things to get her back. I strongly advise against using it if you have a deep investment in your relationship. It’s good for high school romance and relationships you don’t have much stake in, but creates the opposite effect with someone you have spent many years with. They end up having doubts about you, and questioning the relationship. I stopped all that no contact bullcrap and ended up getting back my ex by talking and solving our problems.

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20. Ally’s ex back success story

Yangki, I can attest that this is by far the best relationship advice blog on the internet. When my ex and I broke up I wanted him back but he said because there was a lot of shouting and fighting in the relationship, we were bad for each other. I used your advice and did a lot of work on myself. When I did not respond with hostility as before then neither did he. Slowly he started to come around and yesterday we got back together. Just wanted to say thank you for your thoughtful and wise counsel.

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Did you get back with your ex and have a success story to share? Please share it in the comments. Encourage others and be part of something greater than all of us, LOVE.


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