15 Signs You’re Addicted To Emotional Drama (Crazy Psycho Ex?)

Many of us know at least one person who is in a constant state of emotional crisis and unnecessary drama. Every day there is ‘something’ going on. It is almost like they can not make contact with other human beings or function unless there’s some kind of chaos, drama, or emotional crisis management going on.

You know you thrive on drama or are addicted to emotional stress when you find yourself:

1. Text bombing a boy/girlfriend, ex or someone you just met, incessantly calling them or drunk-texting/calling them then blame them for ignoring you and/or complain that they are not showing you enough love or meeting your needs.

2. Needing to use mind games, guilt tripping, crying, silent treatment, playing the victim, or exaggerated emotions to gain attention or sympathy. As far as you are concerned any attention is better than nothing.

3. Lashing out in an attempt to make someone else feel inadequate, insecure, unlovable, rejected and hurt just like you do.

4. Having conflicting emotions, for example, cheerful and light-hearted one moment, angry and mean the next, then apologetic and remorseful before you are back to being angry, insulting, confrontational and even abusive.

5. Feeling rejected and/or bored when there is no drama, emotional crisis to manage or mind game to play.

6. Unable to let things go. You keep bringing it up again and again and again. Even when the other person says they do not want to talk about it anymore. You. Just. Will. Not. Let. It. Go!

7. Knee deep in different dramas with family, friends, co-workers etc

8. Needing to draw people close to you into your self-created problems and getting upset when they do not take your side.

9. Always the victim of someone else’s actions or words.

10. You get excited seeing two people “get into it” and even egg them on.

11. Making up stories to make your ex (or others) seem worse than they really are, and you, their victim.

12. Going on social media just to start fights and/or draw attention to yourself.

13. Quitting social media because you are having problems/issues with someone/multiple people and coming right back to it.

14. Your parents, siblings, and extended family think something is ‘wrong” with you, maybe mental illness.

15. Your exes think (have said) you are crazy or psycho.

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