15 Reasons Why She Thinks You’re Boring


It doesn’t matter how confident we are, it hurts the ego to be told we’re boring as a partner. Most of us protest, get upset and sometimes even throw it back at our partner and accuse them of being boring.

Boredom can kill a relationship faster than you can say “Honey, what’s wrong?” It doesn’t matter that you think the person shouldn’t be bored, if she is bored, there’ll be no “happiness” for you either.

A bored partner, if you’re open minded can help point out exactly which areas of your life need your attention. That’s why it’s important not to get all upset, defensive and vindictive when she points out what she finds boring about you.

If more than one of the following describes you, YOU ARE BORING! And I’m not even talking about what happens in the bedroom — not yet! This applies to both men and women, but since it’s mostly women who complain that a guy is boring, guys will benefit more from working on the areas that need a little more “energy”.

1. You take her to the same places to do the same things

2. She sends you a spunky one liner and you respond with a paragraph or a one page love poem [bore-ring!]

3. She scans the room, starts a conversation with someone else or falls asleep just when you think you’re being interesting [bore-ring!]

4.  She asks you “what do want to do tonight?” or “where do you want to go?” and you respond “whatever you want to do” or “wherever you want to go is fine by me” [bore-ring!]

5. A typical conversation in your relationship is her talking and you listening [bore-ring!]

6. You take everything too seriously — especially any thing that sounds like criticism. You can’t even laugh at your own shortcomings.

7. You’re the only one who laughs at your jokes — most of the time.

8. She calls you late in the night and the horniest line you can come up with is “so, what are you wearing?”

9. She has to ask you to “surprise” her .

10. You worry about each and every word you say and each and every thing you do.

11. You think what you think you know about women is a topic for conversation.

12. Your idea of “spicing things” up a little is to have sex.

13. The only place you’re comfortable showing your “charisma” and “fun side” is on the internet — anonymously.

14. Your attitude is “life sucks” and people are generally dumb/messed up/evil.

15. You have a persistent sneaky feeling women find you boring, and they do!

Bottom line, if you suspect that she finds you boring or she comes outright and says, you are boring, don’t get upset, just dismiss it or try to get her to take it back. That’s how she feels. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters. You can get all defensive, rationalize and argue all you want. One thing you can’t do is convince someone that they should feel differently. If she feels you are boring, she’ll break up with you because of “how she feels.”

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