12 Characteristics Of Truly Loving People

characteristics-of-loving-peopleDo you sometimes wish relationships were a lot easier? Easier like not too stressful?

Like you could just enjoy the wonderful feeling of being in love without worrying that it could end anytime?

Believe it or not, relationships can be easier. Not “easy” (you are dealing with another human being, and human being are complex), but easier in that there is less stress, less frustration, less struggle, less disconnection, less fights etc.

Yes, that kind of “easier” is possible. It’s possible when you tap into the power of love.

I mean love, love. Not love like “fall in” and “fall out” of love. But love with infinite power.

What does love with power look like and feel like? And how and when do you know that you have tapped into it?

I’m sure there are many ways love with power looks like and feels like, I’ll just list here what I have personally experienced interacting with others who seem to have tapped into it.

1. They approach relationships without anxiety, self-doubt, anger, insecurities, pain, panic or fear beneath their every word and action.

2. Their “warmth” overflows to others, and men and women happily and willingly persuade themselves to be with, and even actively seek interaction with them.

3. They don’t try to control experiences and outcomes but instead lose themselves in the moment.

4. They fully embrace who they are as flawed beings, and feel worth of love and affection just as they are.

5. They consciously use their intellect, emotions, feelings, senses and intuition to transform even the most painful experiences to lessons to be learned.

6. They thrive both independently and interdependently.

7. They know how to get more of what they want from others in ways that help others get what they want for themselves.

8. They have the persistence and tenacity to stay with things to the end, yet know when to let go if their energy is better used elsewhere.

9. Their mere presence inspires others to delve into their own inner being and discover heights and depths that they did not know existed.

10. They are thankful and show gratitude for the simple things that others do for them, and for the little musings and surprises (good and seemingly bad) life leaves along the way.

12. They effortlessly attract good people and opportunities into their lives.

Too good to be human? Nope. Actually this is “human” in it’s highest form — without all the baggage we collect along life’s journey.

The great news is that all of us have this natural ability to tap into infinite love and have that kind of effect on others!

Just lose the baggage!

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