Yangki, thank you for such a great analysis! I was …

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Yangki, thank you for such a great analysis! I was struggling and torn along the way because of my unrealistic hope that things would change if I insist, which only demonstrates most abovementioned signs in the end, and how much I hate the person I had become-full of guilt, mistakes and low self-esteem. I only decided to walk away until I stepped back and realized the sign 4…felt being led away. The past “we” could have made a better relationship, yet the present “he and I” won’t have the future. I’m not holding onto the illusion anymore. Thank you again!

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Do You Feel Like Your Ex Doesn’t Care About How You Feel?
Whenever I’m feeling that “I’m hurt by him, I think of this article, which I’ve read many times. However, it’s easier said than done…In our last fight, I told him that I felt disrespected and really really hurt by his sarcastic words….He said that he realized he’s not making me be the best part of myself. Is it better off not to tell him how bad I feel? Thank you!

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