10 Signs You’re Forcing A Relationship

We all know that we can’t force someone to love you, but that hasn’t stopped some of us from trying.

Even the language we commonly use (including many dating and relationship experts ) is that of trying to make someone love us by will power, manipulation or simply force.

We talk of making him/her comply, submit, cave in, etc. But it is not that we just talk about dating and relationships in these terms, this is what we do.

We try to force our way into someone’s heart or life.

We think we’re just “determined” but end up pushing the other person away. Some of us even believe that we know what the other person wants (even if they don’t), and we’re it. But quite often we end up with a relationship that’s only in our heads, the reality is very different.

Here are 10 signs that you are forcing your relationship to be what it is not.

1. You feel that you always have to beg, impress, persuade, convince, manipulate, or work a trick or technique to get the other person to agree or comply.

2. The responsibility for sustaining the relationship rests solely on you.

3. You get overly anxious and/or fearful just thinking about “saying” or “doing” anything that relates to the relationship.

4. You use “rewards” (compliments, gifts etc) to get the other person to participate in the relationship.

5. You withhold relevant facts, stretch the truth a little bit, say only the “right” things etc. to get a desired outcome.

6. You use the other persons fears, anxiety and insecurities, or threaten them with regrettable consequences if they don’t comply.

7. You’re always reacting to situations the way you feel rather than the way you should respond (lots of regrets).

8. The other person is always complaining that you do not/did not show consideration for their feelings or concerns.

9. You argue or fight over little things and/or unimportant issues.

10. The relationship feels like fighting your way through a brick wall.

There are times when we have to do things to make a relationship happen, but if you find yourself feeling like manipulating someone is the only way the relationship can work, you are no longer doing what you should be doing to make a relationship work, you are forcing your way into their heart and life.

When you try to push your way in, you struggle. When you struggle, you break the relationship.

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  • After trying to get back with my ex for the last 8 months, I finally realized that things aren’t going to change for the better. There were some core incompatibilities that don’t allow either of us to be emotionally healthy. I guess some people are just not meant to be.

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  • Thank you for the valuable information. As soon as I was reading I recognize many elements as part of my current relationship, I was starting to lose my own identity and likes due to please my partner and keep him happy. A big mistake, there is no way you have to accommodate yourself totally to your partner, there are thing we agreed and it is part of growing up, but I know that I have to make a clear statement that this is the package, either you take it or you let it go. If not, I will look for my exit door. Thank you again.

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