I’ve been dating this guy for 3 years now. He …

Comment on 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend Is Selfish by Brooke.

I’ve been dating this guy for 3 years now. He still says he can’t commit and has many other women on the side. When I ask him about them he says it’s no-strings attached sex and he’s not going to refuse it when they’re offering. I’m 38 and he’s the only man I’ve really able to love but he is so selfish that two weeks when I was hospitalized for 3 days he never even showed up. I almost died and he was with one of his other women. When I brough it up he said “but you’re okay now”. I don’t want to play mind games or be manipulative but is it possible to force him to leave all these other women and commit to our relationship? Or should I just walk away now?

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