10 Signs You Need Your Ex More Than They Need You

Like most people trying to get their ex back, you’ve probably said “I’ll do anything to get back my ex”, and you should if you love your ex and want him or her back.

However, there is a difference between someone who’ll do everything within their power and control to get their ex back, and someone who’ll do just about anything to get their ex back.

People who say “I’ll do anything to get back my ex” because they not only lost their ex, but also lost themselves in the relationship have a different vibe and energy. They may not even realize it, all they know is whatever they try to do (even when it is the right action) tends to push their ex further away.

Most think it’s because they contact their ex “too many” times, or are saying the wrong things, and most of the time they are. But there is more.

They are not just trying to get their ex back, they are trying to get their ex back because their Self is so enmeshed with their ex that without their ex, they are more lost. Their ex gave them a sense of identity, purpose and meaning, and they want that back. But it’s that vibe or energy of “lost” or “empty” that is making them scary, and emotionally unattractive.

Here are 10 signs that your emitting “lost” or “empty” (and your ex is picking it up):

1. Your ex is the best part of your life, the only good thing going for you (and your ex knows it).

2. You over-think and over-analyze before you speak. You want every sentence to come out perfectly.

3. You say “we” when you mean “I” (because you don’t know where your ex ends and where you begin).

4. You contact your ex because you feel empty and alone, and feel even more empty and alone when they don’t respond.

5. You take blame and responsibility for your ex’s bad behaviour and/or choices (e.g. your ex is mean to you, ignores you or treats you with disrespect and you find ways to justify their behaviour or actions)

6. You have gone from being confident and assertive to either too timid or manipulative.

7. You get one small positive sign from your ex and read way too much into it (and respond disproportionately).

8. You keep trying to “sell” yourself to your ex (because you don’t believe they can see for themselves what a great catch you are).

9. Your ex says he/she is no longer attracted to you and instead of finding out why, you tell yourself that they are lying.

10. The thought of being without your ex sends you into panic mode.

If even one of the above applies to you, you need to get you back, before you try getting back your ex. if you just keep pushing ahead to get back your ex, you will push them further away because nobody wants or can to fill an empty person. Only you can “find” you, or get you back.

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