May be people will and may be people will not… …

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May be people will and may be people will not… it all depends on how you read advice, the mindset you already have.

To answer your question about what I think… I think it is possible to have a growing and loving relationship and be committed all at the same time. One doesn’t automatically cancel the other.

But I hear what you are saying and where you may be coming from. In Western society, you are not “marriage worthy” if you do not have the “right” job or career. It shouldn’t be that way… in my opinion. There are some people who are wonderful, mature, secure, independent and very loving but do not have the “right” job or career, and there are people who have the “right” job or career but have no clue how to have a loving relationship.

Point is, not having the “right” job or career is not an excuse for not committing your heart, love and life to someone you say you care about and love. Those relationships built on just love and unshakable COMMITMENT (even without the material stuff) often turn out to be the greatest love stories.

That’s just my opinion… I am an African, born and raised…(: May be that’s why I think the material stuff is just a sideshow!

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10 Signs He’s Not Committing To You Anytime Soon
Then you are off the hook! Just kidding, well…(: Not really.

If the reason you do not have the ‘right’ job is because you lie on the couch, drinking beer and watching TV during the day and hanging out with the boys during the night, she has the right not to commit. Who in her right mind would?

If you are doing the very best you can and she knows that you are really trying but things just aren’t working out, and she says she’ll not commit until you have the “right job”, then she can either wait until you have the “right” job, or she go find herself the guy with the ‘right” one.

If she leaves because she can’t wait, you are better off. The pain from ending the relationship will be nothing in comparison to her committing, then nagging your behind to rags.

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