Interesting points, but I’m not sure about No. 5 though. …

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Interesting points, but I’m not sure about No. 5 though. Sure it’s one thing to use that as an excuse to avoid talking about the relationship, but don’t you think it’s possible to have a growing and loving relationship and then when circumstances are right take things to the next level. I’m talking about serious commitments like marriage or moving in together but I can’t help wonder if some people can use this as a way to kill or rush relationships that may otherwise work?

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I feel that if someone is very resentful of the person they say they love, the relationship will never be free or easy, as love should be, IMHO. At the very least I think that these issues should be brought out and talked over, no beating about the bush. If the relationship is meant to be, it should survive an honest discussion about something so fundamental. If it doesn’t or the other person doesn’t want to talk about or deal with it, well…

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