Yangki, just wanted to let you know that my ex …

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Yangki, just wanted to let you know that my ex and I are back together. We have been back together for a month and things couldn’t be better. Your coaching helped me realize what I needed to change and I can truly say I’m different now. I used to be so worried and anxious all the time. I’m more relaxed, don’t overreact and have learned to live in the moment. I am much more independent and not needy. Our communication is so much better and more open. Of course there is no such a thing as a perfect relationship but this time is close. So thank you!

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20 PLUS Success Stories Of Exes Who Got Back Together – Got Back Their Ex
I have a successful story about how I got my ex back. We were broken up for 5 months. No contact for a week but felt bad about it and contacted him. We started slow, I texted him he replied sometimes but then he started replying more and also initiating it. I asked to talk on the phone he said yes, then I asked to go on a date he said yes. After the first date everything changed. He was initiating most of the contact and asking me on a date. I did all the things Yangki advices and kept it slow with no pressure and a month ago we got back together. I can honestly say dating my ex was the happiest weve ever been. Were so in love its hard to believe we had been broken up.

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