10 Emotions That Make Your Ex Feel Attracted To You – No.6


Emotions That Make Your Ex Feel Attracted To You – No.6 Interest

Interest is the emotion we all want to feel from and ex. If an ex doesn’t show any interest, it’s hard even to reach out. Interest is also an emotion your ex wants to feel to want continue talking to you, want to see you; or want to get back together.

Interest as an emotion is felt as a need to know more, hear more, see more and learn more about something or someone. It’s triggered when something new or different draws and focuses our attention.

This is why trying to recreate the old relationship and go back to how things used to be; relying on old memories to try to create new attraction; and refusing to accept things changed with the break-up isn’t the best way to get your ex’s interest.

What’s new or different about the past that makes your ex want to know, hear, see and learn more? Not much.

To make your ex feel attracted to you again, they must feel that they’re “exploring a new relationship; one filled with possibility”. Every interaction and every conversation must leave your ex feeling; this is new, I’ve not felt this way in a long time, I want more. This has to be consistent, not just once in a while.

Needless to say, it takes longer for your ex to feel interested; if were in no contact for an extended period of time. First you have to reopen the lines of communication, then rebuild connection and then start exploring a new relationship. This takes time, and most people never even get to reopening lines of communication. They find that their ex has completely lost interest.

Make sure you use the 3-1 positivity ratio to create interest in your ex. The 3-1 positivity ratio simply means it takes three positive experiences to offset one negative experience. For every heart-wrenching negative emotional experience you endure; you need to experience at least three heartfelt positive emotional experiences that uplift you.

This means that for every experience that made your ex lose interest; you need at least three heartfelt positive emotional experiences to see any interest from your ex.

If you need help with emotion No.6, or the other 9 emotions that make your ex feel attracted to you? I’m happy to work with you 1-on-1 to make sure the targeted emotion is coming across right; and creating the desired impact.

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