10 Behaviours That’ll Increase Your Sexual Magnetism

You’ve heard the saying “men want to be with them, and women want to be them” and vice versa, “women want to be with them, and men want to be them.” We mostly assume that someone is talking about “looks” but there are millions of really good-looking drop dead gorgeous people who don’t evoke this feeling in others. One has to assume that there is something “extra” that some people have.

It’s true that some people are born better looking than others and that mere fact makes them more noticeable compared to those of us not born with great looks, but study after study shows that sexually magnetic are not any more good looking or better dressed than the average looking person. Some good looking, well dressed people can be lookers, but hardly sexually magnetic.

Sexual magnetism has a lot to do with how we communicate our sexual confidence and share our sexual energy with others. It’s less about being “sexy” and more about how comfortable we are in our bodies and the ease with which we communicate our sexual being-ness.

If you’re looking to cultivate sexual magnetism or improve your sex appeal or get back lost sexual attraction, here are 10 qualities that sexually magnetic people have in common, qualities that intrigue us, that seem to calls us by name, and taunt us with fantasies.

1. Joy and happiness in their eyes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul; sexually magnetic people have laughter, delight and a kind of untamed naughtiness in their eyes like they know some funny secret that the rest of us know nothing about.

2. A sense of mystery

Sexually magnetic people posses a “je ne sais quoi” or pleasing unknown quality that cannot be exactly named or described but which we can feel in real time when in their presence.

3. Relaxed vulnerability

A kind of carefree childlike fearlessness. They put themselves out there  because they feel secure enough to just be themselves.

4. Self-assured confidence

Natural ease in their own skin. They don’t try to get attention, be noticed or try hard to be liked. The natural ease in their own skin compels us to notice and be fascinated by them.

5. Wit and Humour

They’re not only funny and generous with their time and their presence, they also add positive and uplifting energy into any situation and experience.

6. Present in the moment

They are in every bit present in the moment and enjoy every experience like it’s all that matters in that moment.

7. Content and energy of gratitude

They’re happy with who they are and content with whatever they have which makes it look like they have everything in plenty an.

8. Realness

They’re genuine, humble, and honest. They show authentic emotions and affection and allow others to see and know the real them (the good, the bad and the ugly) with no pretenses or mask on. This makes them interesting and easy and fun to be around.

9. Appetite for life

They have a fire in them and a genuine appetite for life which makes them seem more “alive” than most people.  within.

10. Human warmth

Kindness, compassion, approachability and genuinely interested in others with no hidden agenda or motive.

The good news is that, these are all qualities that we all have within – some in smaller amounts than others. The REALLY good news is that it’s not that hard at all to develop these qualities to fully blossoming levels. All we have to do is remove the mental, emotional, social and spiritual blocks and masks obscuring what is our innate radiance.


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