Why Work With Me

Hi, call me Yangki (Yang-key!) or simply Akiteng (Ah-key-etay-ng).

For starters, I’m so very ordinary. I’m not some kind of know-it-all “guru” or a “moral authority” trying to shove my beliefs and values down other people’s throats. I’m just a love coach, but one with years of experience, a unique perspective and a sincere desire to be of help.

I’m described as warm and compassionate, unflappable and unapologetically straightforward. What that means is that you are guaranteed a coaching experience that is not only productive, but also relaxed – and fun.

A Humbling Calling…

Although my academic training is in Psychology, much of my knowledge of relationships comes from personal experience and from working with people like yourself. I’m blessed to be able to help others not because I’m “better” than the people I help, but because just like them, I can be strong as a saint, and weak as a sinner. That’s what makes me human.

It may be presumptuous of me to say I can help you, after all, your situation may be very unique and completely different from any other. I understand, respect and appreciate the fact that each and everyone of us is an individual.

I’ve been privileged to be allowed the opportunity to really experience first hand the internal resources that reside in each and every one of us. Until I had the privilege of working with people of all ages, races and from all walks of life, I had no clue really, no real understanding or appreciation of the world from diverse perspectives.

A big part of what I love about what I do is the honesty and integrity people demonstrate as they discover more of what they’re really made of. It is as though they don’t want to know just how much power they have over themselves and the kind of relationship they can have, but as they turn and face the truth it’s not so bad. And then it’s not bad at all. Then it’s really great!

The more they discover what they can do for themselves and for their relationships, the more they want to have a relationship that thrives in the pleasure of just being loved without all the drama that accompanies many of today’s relationships.

To be part of the experience of another person’s struggle to breakthrough to a new and fulfilling way of being, perceiving, feeling and acting is the most exciting and extremely gratifying part of my work. Sometimes I think I get more excited about my client’s love journeys and stories than they do! Watching my clients blast through obstacles to create fulfilling lives and great relationships is a feeling that can’t be fully expressed in words. It always makes me think to myself “I couldn’t have been anywhere else doing anything else. This is it! It’s that profound.

I take my job seriously and really try to keep it real and simple…

I am so very aware that I am dealing with real people and believe that as love coaches we need to raise the “human-factor” bar. This is probably one of the reasons that at least 85% of my new clients are referred to me by clients who have made romantic connections or are in fulfilling loving relationships as a result of the skills they acquired from my coaching (read my client testimonials and what they’re saying about working with me).

Why should you trust that I can help you?

1. I strongly believe that most relationships can be ‘saved’ and transformed.

I understand that trying to hold on to your relationship in a culture of disposable relationships (and people) is not easy and not the popular thing to do. Some might even think of you as “crazy” for trying to hold on to your relationship. Not me!

Unlike many “experts” who are in a hurry to tell you “it’s over… he/she not good for you… give up… move on” (which is really what they want you to do because they don’t know how to help you), I’m all about doing everything you can possibly do to make it work, before giving up and walking away.

I welcome the challenge because I know I have the knowledge, experience and tools to help you. Expect to be trying out new ideas and new ways of being, thinking and acting.

2. I work with you as an individual with an individual experience and relationship.

I’m aware that some relationships are so damaged that nothing can be done except move on. But I also know that most people walk away from a relationship with a lot of potential because they don’t know what else to do, and have no one else to turn to.

You don’t have to give up on something that means so much to you just because you do not know what to do. I’ve helped so many people get back their ex, I’m offering my knowledge, experience, tools, dedication, commitment and empathy to you too.

3. I keep an open mind and do my best to be sensitive to all kinds of information about a situation.

I am willing and able to see the situation from all kinds of points of view in addition to my own; not just so-called factual information but impressions, intuitions and hunches, etc.

More and more, I’ve come to realize that this is very important for my client’s well-being and also for the health of a relationship. Even more important if you are dealing with someone who has lost interest, fallen out of love, thinks the relationship just can’t work or is confused and does not know what he or she wants.

4. I still have the “human” element in me intact — and I intend on keeping it that way.

I support you in a very consistent, caring and direct manner. You have me to talk to, brainstorm and bounce ideas against, let it all out when it feels like too much to bear, help you keep hope when it seems like nothing is happening, but most of all, you have me to guide you throughout the process.

We actually have a lot of fun together (tease, make jokes, role-play etc) while we focus on what’s important to you. Many of my clients find themselves looking forward to our coaching session. They accomplish more with less effort and stress because they make better decisions when they can run their ideas by an objective listener and celebrate their “wins’ with someone who holds their highest vision for a fulfilling relationship.

Working With Me

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