Friday August 28th 2015

World’s Worst and Best Lovers (Men By Country)

toronto_akiteng-881A poll carried out by and reported by Telegraph, Daily Mail and Hindustan Times (September 30, 09) asked 15,000 women to rate the world’s best and worst lovers by country, the results are interesting.


1. Germany (too smelly)
2. England (too lazy)
3. Sweden (too quick)
4. Holland (too dominating)
5. America (too rough)
6. Greece (too lovey-dovey)
7. Wales (too selfish)
8. Scotland (too loud)
9. Turkey (too sweaty)
10. Russia (too hairy)

1. Spain
2. Brazil
3. Italy
4. France
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. Australia
8. New Zealand
9. Denmark
10. Canada

Great! 3,349,852,000 women in the world and only 15,000 women get to decide which men are the best and the worst lovers in the world. Please! Give us women some credit. Did these women have to sleep with all the 20 men to decide which one was best or worst?

I personally don’t buy into the notion that one particular group of people are better lovers than others. That said however, I have to admit there is something that men from certain countries do that transfers the “best lover” brand on even those men who aren’t necessarily “best lovers” but just happen to be from that country.

I’ve been in been in business and social gatherings with French and Spanish (from Spain, Spanish) men, the way they carry themselves will actually make you think they must be “that good”. They come across as “best lovers” because they THINK they are, and not necessarily because they all are.

It all comes down to sexual confidence!

Footnote: world female population as estimated by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations Secretariat, July 2008

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40 Responses to “World’s Worst and Best Lovers (Men By Country)”

  1. Jodi says:

    haha…I agree with the poll

  2. Musathegentlesoul says:

    I’m Asian.I don’t see my country.

  3. Musa please?! You are not Asian :)… but I see your point. The poll did not include Asian men or may be it did, but they don’t come in the top 10 in either worst or best. BTW, where really are you from?

  4. Tracey says:

    hohohoooooooo! you opened a can of worms here. insecurities are going to go balistic.

  5. drhoward says:

    This is promoting stereotypes. I know I’m a good lover, not the best, but good and no poll is going to convince me otherwise.

  6. Good for you! I agree with you on stereotypes. This is why I left my own commentary.

  7. Vishen says:

    Brazil here i come!

  8. Duped007 says:

    First the good news. English men make better lovers than the Germans. Now the bad news. English men make better lovers than the Germans.

  9. Sam says:

    A woman turns to her man and says “your the best lover ever”. The man gives her a slap “..for knowing the difference!”

  10. Nicky says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank you. Just the information I need to make up my mind heh heh

  11. Blair says:

    I’m English and American and according to this list, I have no hope. Life sucks!

  12. Andrea says:

    Someone needs to help these poor guys.

  13. Matt says:

    Who said American men are too rough? I will kick their ass!

  14. Annabel says:

    I’ve had lots of men and Italian men are so not what they are cracked up to be. They are too hot tempered, arrogant and everything is drama.

  15. Mia says:

    Germans are too moody and Americans have no clue.

  16. Deejee says:

    I don’t know about this list. Over half the world’s population appears to have been excluded from the survey

  17. Candice says:

    Top three all tall, dark and handsome. uuummmmmyammy.

  18. GrayMotion says:

    HMMM, guess this is why my good friend married a Brazillian.

  19. BigBen says:

    Don’t women like it rough? OMG! Being doing it the wrong way. Explains why they never want to speak to me again.. bwaaahahahaaghagha

  20. powerdust98 says:

    Stereotypes can and do have an effect on dating behaviors. It’s like shopping for a good suit, you hear about the reputation of different designers and their brand but you still have to try on more than a few to find the one that trully fits you!

  21. Wheel says:

    This type of discussion makes me laugh, like good sex is the mans job. I’ve had good woman, OK women, and 1 or 2 who just lay there and did nothing, who you could tell were thinking “you’re so lucky just to be having me”. The best sex is when both of you make an effort.

  22. C.C. says:

    I’m thinking .. just try one of each and decide for yourselves!

  23. Claudio says:

    Hello there, I´m a italian citizen,living since 1981 in south america,thanks only for my stupid father.

    The worst womens are in South America,because they only interested in the money…..

  24. Tammy says:

    This is a bunch of bs. I’ll take any American guy over any of the top 5.

  25. Roberto Brandsrud says:

    It really is a very important topic and ignored by a lot of writers, even experts. I thank you for helping getting people more educated about this topic.

  26. Glen says:

    Hooray for Spain and France! Must get my hands on one or the other very soon. :)

  27. Gen Hell says:

    America, too rough? What’s wrong with that?!

  28. Some people like it rough… each to their own, right…lol

  29. doubtful says:

    they all think they are the best. isn’t self-confidence supposed to be a big part of the game?

  30. May be they are the best…who knows?! Lots of sampling to be sure everyone is what they say they are…

    But if it makes one self-confident, that’s a good thing, right?

  31. Daliana says:

    Hahaha American men do suck !
    I feel sorry for American women :/
    Here in France it’s a lot different !

  32. Anne Fournier says:

    Egyptian guys are the best!

  33. Amanda says:

    I think that just a woman who slept with 3-4 men from each country can answers this question, so its a very stupid question! And also if a german is bad in bed,this not means that ALL german are bad lovers. Sorry for english

  34. Leah says:

    I have been with American, British, NZ and Canadian men- and the NZ were by far the best until recently…when I slept with a French man. I think I am moving to Paris!

  35. Tara. says:

    Egyptian men are actually the hottest lovers in world and Egypt is the country that has the most sexiest men in the world.

  36. Ryan says:

    I want to know, what makes the best lovers the best? What do they do that the rest of us don’t do?

  37. Kadbanoo says:

    I have tried eight of these 20… my favorite – Iranian!!

  38. Vito says:

    You gotta be kidding with ireland. Those little dick micks are too drunk to even get it up.

  39. spicklepot says:

    Greek men are the best lovers by far!

  40. Luis says:

    As Spanish guy, I approve this poll.

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