Contact and How Not to Pressure Your Ex

Many people trying to get their ex back mistakenly think that telling and showing their ex that they love them very much is what will make their ex want to come back. But unrelenting confessions of love only end up pushing your ex even further away. Why? Because even if it looks like it’s about your ex, telling your ex over and over that you love him/her is really about YOU. It’s your fear and anxiety pushing you to seek some kind of reassurance that your ex still loves you as much as you love him/her.

What you should be doing if you want your ex back is show him/her how important — and valuable — your relationship was and is and want it – again. Putting emphasis on the relationship not only makes you less “selfish”, it also takes off the pressure that comes with your ex feeling like they have to “love you back” because you love him/her so much.

But communicating this to an ex can sometimes be like going to the dentist – you don’t know what to expect once you get there, but you almost always assume that the process will be painful and unpleasant. No wonder most people opt to avoid any kind of contact with an ex.

One of the things that can greatly increase your success of getting your ex back is understanding that the one who is trying to win the other back always has to be in more control of his or her own emotions. When you get emotionally upset, frustrated or discouraged, you not only lose your ex’s attraction, you also lose momentum – and in this process momentum is everything.

The more in control you are of your own emotions, the less stress you’ll feel. The less stressed you feel, the more calm and hopeful you’ll feel. The more calm and hopeful you feel, the more productive your interactions with your ex will be – and the better your chances of winning him or her back.

When helping my clients get back their ex, I teach them what I call stress or hassle free contact/interaction. Stress or hassle free contact/interaction promotes emotional calm and understanding as opposed to the traditional fear and anxiety based contact/interaction. It projects a positive feeling rather than a self-interested and stressful one.

Example 1: Your ex tentatively agrees to a date but says he/she will have to confirm it. Wanting things to go really well you went ahead and made reservations. But the day approaches and your ex still hasn’t given you a firm answer.

Fear and anxiety based communication:You need to confirm if you’re coming before noon tomorrow, otherwise I’ll have to cancel the reservations/arrangements”.

Stress or hassle free communication:Let me know before noon tomorrow so I can confirm the reservation with the restaurant“.

What’s the difference? First of all, the stress or hassle free approach sounds more “upbeat” and has a positive tone, though it contains almost identical content. The reason there’s no pressure is because you’re not making it sound like it’ll be your ex’s fault that you might have to cancel the reservations. By relieving him/her of the “stress” of having to say “NO”, he/she will be more inclined to continue contact/interaction even if for one reason or another he/she is unable to make it to dinner.

Example 2: You and your ex were great friends and you’re convinced that if you build on that strong friendship you can create a better relationship. Your ex on the other side can’t make up his/her mind, keeps changing positions and sending mixed signals.

Fear and anxiety based communication:There is no reason why we cannot be friends and try to work this out. But if you don’t want to try just say so. Don’t waste my time!

Stress or hassle free communication:I can tell this is a hard decision for you to make. We can try it for a couple of weeks and if it doesn’t work, we know we at least tried”.

The reason there’s no pressure is because you’re leaving the right to say “NO” if things don’t work out to your ex. He/she has nothing to lose giving it a try for a couple of week. This not only encourages someone who is hesitant to want to try, it also starts to build trust and comfort level.

Why don’t many people use the stress or hassle free approach more often?

Because most men and women are scared to death of allowing others (especially someone they think might act according his/her own agenda) to exercise their right to say “no.” The irony is that stress-free relationships – the kind we all want and long for – are those that respect the other’s right to say “no” — and not give him/her a hard time about it.

Start practicing stress or hassle free communication and you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting back your ex!

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Yangki, my ex is a very loving, caring and straightforward guy. He does not play mind games and very open About his feelings. I broke up with him because he was always busy with work and had no time for me. He asked me to reconsider and work things out but I told him it was what is best. Two days later he asked for no contact to heal and move on. I still want him back, so after reading your articles I contacted him. He replied immediately, said he was happy to hear form me but said he is not ready to get back together. He said we can be friends. So now what do I do? We have no contact for 2 weeks.

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Within 9 days of no contact, my ex sent me a text “I don’t think this silence is doing either of us any good.” I didn’t respond because I was still hurt. After 3 weeks I was feeling good again and texted him “I felt like I needed some time to cool off before we talked”. I was hoping he’d call me, but I didn’t get a response from him. After 4 days I sent him another text “Can we talk.” I didn’t get a reply for that either. I then sent him another text 3 days later “Can we talk and get this behind us”. No response. I am sad and feel neglected. What do I do?

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What about if she is showing signs of regret and saying things like the relationship wasn’t all bad and that I’ll always be special to her, but also saying she doesn’t want me to get the wrong idea, she’s not looking to get back together. Does it mean she’s confused and doesn’t know what she wants? How should I approach the situation?

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I know in your book you say to give space when a woman asks for it… but also your main point is to keep a line of communication open. I can’t do that now because my GF asked for space and she didn’t know how long it would be or if we should talk. Is there an acceptable time I should wait and then see how she is? Is a month or two apart ok, or damaging? Our last goodbye was us holding each other and kissing and tears after spending the night together…

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I need your help . Can I get your email address so that I can share my problem with you.

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