Sometimes life does give us second chances…Until someone makes it …

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Sometimes life does give us second chances…

Until someone makes it so clear that it is indeed “O-V-E-R” (not swinging back and forth) or is happy in a new relationship, there is always a chance to do it right the second time round.

The catch is that you have to be well positioned to take that chance — or you’ll blow it!

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Why Someone You Love Doesn’t Want You
All those are possibilities. But you are only seeing things from “something is “wrong” with him. There is also the possibility that he felt suffocated, had doubts abut marrying you, or felt the relationship wasn’t right for him.

When you look at things more objectively, you have a better chance of finding the right solution than when you have tunnel vision/or listening only to the advice of your “girlfriends”. They mean well, but it doesn’t help you relationship.

Why Someone You Love Doesn’t Want You
It’s frustrating when you are doing all this changing and growing but if it’s not working. If part of why you broke up in the first place is because your ex thought you were “self -centered” then it’s only natural that she still sees your efforts in that light. It’ll take a lot of selflessly showing – consistently and over a period of time – that you have genuinely changed for her to believe the changes.

This takes time and patience. Anything that feels like putting pressure on her to “see that you’ve changed” is going to backfire. Ultimately, if she’s going to come back to you, it’ll be because SHE WANTS to and not because YOU MADE her do it.

Why Someone You Love Doesn’t Want You
Yes, it’s possible. Sometimes two people in a relationship grow and change together, and sometimes they grow and change, and can no longer be together.

On the surface it may appear that the feeling that you are no longer compatible happened suddenly, but in reality it happened over a period of time. She may have woken up one morning and the realization hit her… “we want different things!”

It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you (or your ex for that matter). It just means you grew apart.

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Congratulations… 🙂

It’s tempting to take credit but we both know advice is only as good as the person using it. YOU did it!

I hope things continue getting better and better. All the VERY best.

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Okay… you went there. You’re braver than I am… 😉

Truth spoken!

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If there is even a possibility, it’s probably too low because he never fell in love with you in the first place. Since he already tried feeling something and didn’t, it’s very likely that he’s convinced that those feelings will never come. It’d have been different if he felt he didn’t try, or didn’t try hard enough. Then may be he’d want to give it a another chance.

That said, if he’s still open to communicating with you, and you can show him that things can be different, you might have a chance. It’s always better to err on the side of trying than give up before you even try. That way you’ll know for sure.

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She is being passive-aggressive, you are right about that. She perceives your ‘rebellion’ as an ‘attack’ on her need for you to spend time with her and ‘giving you space’ is her way of fighting back. But there may be some manipulation going on as well, especially if after she does ‘gives you space’, you to start staying home with her every single day.

As long as there’s some kind of ‘reward’ in it for her, she’ll keep doing it.

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My very best wishes… and thanks. It means a lot!

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