Older Women Younger Men: Should They Date?

cougar-town-older-women-younger-menThe sitcom Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox is meant to empower women or at least that’s what the show is said to do. It stars Courtney Cox’s character (Jules Cobb) a recently divorced forty-something single mother who upon discovering that all the men her age are either married, emotionally unavailable, gay or dating younger women reluctantly agrees to test the dating scene at a nightclub filed with much younger guys. She quickly finds herself a bit out of her element. Her old-fashioned dating skills and rules no longer apply.

Desperately trying to cling onto youth, Jules re-asserts herself through unrelenting sexuality. She sexually hunts and pursues younger men and finds herself in excruciating awkward situations. It’s only after Jules stops trying so hard to please the younger guys that she starts to make progress in the older women younger men dating world.

Jules’ best friend and neighbor Elle, tries to prevent her from going out while her 17-year old son is constantly being embarrassed by both of his parents (his father is also dating younger women). In one scene, Jules lectures middle school kids about how hard it is to date when you’re a forty-something woman.

After some wild nights out, Jules discovers that she can’t and doesn’t really want to party every night like a 20-year-old anymore.

I’m not sure what to make of the show so far and so I thought I’d ask you fine folks what you think about older women dating younger men.  What are some of the pro and cons of dating someone of a significantly different age? What are some of your best and worst experiences dating someone significantly older or younger? Should there be an age limit on who you date?

Any thoughts or questions on the subject?

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It’s the culture of youth. Women who date younger men are seeking the youth which has escaped them in their younger years. Men in their own age group no longer possess the sexual vigor of the young.

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Younger men are baggage free and trainable. Older women are sexually experienced and there are no strings called commitment attached. A win-win situation! 🙂

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I notice the age difference and maturity when it comes to responsibilities and priorities.

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Age was never an issue with us but was a major issue with his family especially his mom.

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I don’t know about limits for an age difference, but I would not go beyond 15 years.

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