My boyfriend left me for an older woman. Some of …

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My boyfriend left me for an older woman. Some of my friends say he’s not in love with her but just wants the experiencewith older woman. Should I wait for him to get bored with her and come back to me or just move on with my life?

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Older Women Younger Men: Should They Date?
I am 39, she’s 54. We have been together for 8 years and the age difference was never a problem. But now it is. She wants to stay home more, goes to sleep very early, her energy is low although her sex drive is okay but not as good as it used to be. I love her very much but not sure if I’m ready to live like an old couple.

Older Women Younger Men: Should They Date?
What is laughable is that this post is getting such judgmental comments. I’m an energetic fun loving 51 woman married to a man 19 years my junior. We love each and have an exciting life. And unlike some of the fat, lazy, stuck in their ways beer drinking couch potatoes men in my age group, he’s in great physical shape, does his share of housework and treats me like an equal. The amazing sex life is a bonus. Each to their own. 🙂

For all you who judge us, better hope that your fate never falls into the hands of someone as indiscriminatingly judgmental as you.

Older Women Younger Men: Should They Date?
If the young man is young enough to have been that woman’s child, that’s just messed up creepy.

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Give him an ultimatum. Worked for my sister and she’s been married 2 years now.

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